Neil Cavuto is a Fox Business veteran, renowned for anchoring the show Your World with Neil Cavuto. The business journalist also hosts Cavuto on Business on Fox News and Cavuto: Coast to Coast on Fox Business Network.

Neil Cavuto’s early life

Cavuto was born on September 22, 1958, in Westbury, New York, to Kathleen and Patrick Cavuto. His mother was a UN staffer and homemaker while his father was a sales executive at a can company.

Cavuto grew up in Danbury, Connecticut and studied at Immaculate High School. In 1980, he received his bachelor’s degree in mass communication from St. Bonaventure University and later received his post graduate degree from American University.

Neil Cavuto has amassed a huge net worth working for more nearly four decades

Neil has collected a whopping net worth of $23 million in his journey of becoming Fox Business Network’s vice president from a manager at a local fish and chips restaurant. He has been receiving a salary of $7 million at present.

Since joining Fox News Channel in 1996, Cavuto has been serving as the managing editor and host of a business news talk show Your World with Neil Cavuto. Apart from hosting FNC’s main business news program, he has been hosting the weekly business show Cavuto on Business since 2002.

He also hosts a nightly segment of business news on a local FOX-affiliate, along with a syndicated radio business news segment. He became a vice president of Fox Business Network in March 2006.

The Hellinger Award-winning journalist Cavuto has authored two New York Times best-selling books – More Than Money (2004) and Your Money or Your Life (2005).

Neil Cavuto and his wife are nearing their 34th wedding anniversary

Neil and his wife Mary Fulling are just a couple of months away from the 34th anniversary of their wedding. They have been married since October 15, 1983.

Neil and Mary and parents to three children – two sons named Bradley and Jeremy and a daughter named Tara.

Neil Cavuto has been fighting various health problems for a long time

Cavuto has been diagnosed with one after another life threatening diseases but each time he has fought it bravely.

He was first diagnosed with 4th stage cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), but he beat it miraculously, only to get diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) a year later. Dealing with the second disease has become more difficult for him as there is no cure for it.

During an interview with TVNewser, Cavuto said, “Having had cancer right before my MS diagnosis, I can honestly say MS is worse. There’s no endgame here, no cure here, no concoction of chemotherapy or radiation that could make it all go away here.”

“So I take steroids, and weekly injections, and I exercise my legs a great deal. A big common fear with this disease is that eventually you lose use of your legs. In fact, my neurologist is surprised I haven’t already,” he continued.

In June 2016, he underwent a triple bypass surgery (a type of heart surgery), but it did not stop him from returning to television. The peace of mind that comes from work has been the best medicine for Cavuto.