Naya Rivera, who’s always been in the limelight for her flourishing career has bagged a net worth of $5 million. She is currently in high public interest for her plastic surgery. Also, check out her wedding pictures.

The Glee actress has recently opened up about her dramatic transformation. Look at her pre-Glee and present pictures and you’ll find a noticeable difference.

Whoa! She has transformed a lot

Niya Rivera is all grown up! Look at her pre-fame photos and you’ll get confused if you are familiar with her present appearance. The Californian beauty has gone through quite a lot changes over the years.

Naya’s now and then pictures illustrate so many differences. The older picture shows the actress with a big mole on the chin as well as a bit darker looks & smaller lips.

Despite getting more classy looks throughout the years with several works done, there’ve been many people loving her old high-school pics displaying her dazzling & natural smile.

She seems to have removed her mole few years prior to her stint on the Glee, as the marking was visible clearly back in 2004 when she attended the Chasing Liberty premiere.

The accomplished songstress has stunned her fans showing off her alluring body in itty-bitty outfits. The gorgeous lady in late twenties can’t deny the fact as her pictures reveal a strong proof of the works done on her appearance.

Naya’s breasts look perfect. But is it all natural? Her bigger and rounder cups than before reveals the truth about the breast augmentation. She said that she wanted to gift herself on her 18th birthday with the breast implants.

Concealing plastic surgery has been a common trend these days. But she has spoken about her breast implants. See more of her apparent changes in the video below.

On her face, her nose illustrates so much difference than before. It has appeared to be more pointed with a slimmer bridge than it used to be. Seemingly, she might have gotten some fillers injected both in her lips and cheeks. It may be Botox or dermal fillers.

But when asked to her about the filler injection, she said that it’s just caused by make-ups. What do you say about this?

Fruitful wedding, now a happy family with a husband and son

The former Glee actress is now living a very happily married life with her husband Ryan Dorsey and an adorable son. The couple married in 2014, added a new member to their blissful paradise in September 2015.

After a whirlwind romance, the couple tied the knot in Mexico in a lavish celebration in July 2014. Coincidently, the day was Ryan’s birthday. The double occasion made the moment more joyous. See their wedding picture below.

The devoted duo revealed their baby boy’s name Josey Dorsey before he was born and also shared their experiences during pregnancy publicizing the adorable pictures.

Thriving career, profound name in showbiz industry and wonderful assets with luxurious home

Most part of her net worth comes from her television appearances. She emerged as an international star through the musical comedy series Glee. Thanks to her vicious cheerleader Santana Lopez’s role in the series.

Before she rose to stardom via thehit Fox series, Naya was a child performer, who made an appearance alongside Eddie Murphy in comedy series Royal Family during the early 90s. She was seen in Family Matters and The Bernie Mac Show as well.

Rivera is even known to be featured in B2K’s music video Why I Love You in 2002.

She resides in her charming villa in Los Angeles that worth $2.6 million. Wanna go inside?

Her beautiful house is furnished with Rug Company’s carpets and Mecox Gardens tray. Staying out on the deck, she feels like she’sin Italy. Burnished metal finishes and cut-glass mirrors sparkle in her living room and the other rooms display eclectic style.

The actress and singer have a very thriving career that has helped her take home a wonderful net worth, which she has spent on upgrading her looks. Plastic surgery has complemented Naya Rivera’s classy looks furthermore.