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MSNBC's Hallie Jakson kept her married life private after engagement in 2010

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Being the one amongst the very few to hold a very secretive profile, Jackson has often been a media sensation.

Since no information about her personal life has been ever shared by Hallie Jackson,her fans are deprived of any of her personal life facts, including her relationship status.

Hallie Jackson seems like she prefers keeping her personal life out from the prying eyes. While her contagious smile & alluring personality has lured millions of hearts, she might have surely chosen the one to be her Mr. Perfect. However, the matter is yet to be revealed.

While the reliable information about her personal life is yet to come out, the gossip media have never stopped creating speculations about her relationship status. And also the public has never stopped questioning this gorgeous persona about her love life.

Allegedly engaged! Is it true or just rumors?

Being a celebrity, it’s very hard to keep their personal life matters under the wrap as even a small happening in life tend to be publicized by the media. However, ignoring millions of questions raised on her liaison status, the NBC News correspondent has successfully kept her love life details secret from everyone.

Not publicized from any close source, Hallie’s fans are still curious to know who is her boyfriend or fiancé or husband. Some of the reports claim a hunk named Doug to be her husband since 2010 but it has not been confirmed.

Journalist Hallie, who is famously recognized for covering the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz, has frequently been scrutinized for her personal life matters.

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Starting her journalism career in 2006 at WBOC-TV in towns of Maryland, Salisbury, Dover, and Delaware, Hallie Jackson served for WFSB in 2008 in cities of Connecticut and Hartford. Her profession led her to report for 26 stations of Hearst Corporation in 2012 and is now NBC News reporter since 2014.

Although the professional life details of this NBC newswoman is open to all, her personal life is a complete mystery.

Ring on Hallie Jackson's hand fueled up the engagement speculations

Jackson has not announced her engagement officially. But the speculations began to rise after viewers noticed a beautiful ring on her finger.

After the incident, the reporters have become surer that Hallie has got engaged to her alleged boyfriend Doug. More guesses have been made that her so-called fiance has been in her life from before the graduation time and that they might have shared their engagement rings sometime in 2010 when she was working for WFSB.

Rumors have it that Jackson and Doug are even married since September 2011 and that their wedding was held in a private ceremony in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, which was attended only by her close family and friends.

Even after such deep speculations have been made on Hallie Jackson's personal life, there has not been one authentic report which reveals her man's full name and confirms their marriage. Thus, it is still not certain if Hallie is a married woman or single at present.