Tom Oar and his wife, Nancy Oar, are a part of the group of people starring in hit History Channel show, Mountain Men.

With six seasons and counting, ‘Mountain Men’ has been chronicling off the grid lifestyle of the Oars and many others.

Tom and his wife were in their thirties when they settled in a remote area of Montana’s Yaak Valley and lived solely off the land.

They have relied on what nature provides them and their survival skills to make a living.

Tom worked on a rodeo circuit for 28 years as a bronco rider until his job started taking a toll on his health.

Afterward, he started working as a tanner and quickly became one of the widely respected tanners in the US.

Tom and Nancy make money from tanning hide and make traditional buckskin moccasins, pants, shirts and jackets.

Both from Northern Illinois, the couple have been together in every thick and thin for over 40 years.

However, Nancy fears that their growing ages might become hindrances in their way of living.

Their nearest neighbor, Will, is a close friend of Tom from his days as a bronco rider, who often accompanies him outdoors.

As a reality star, tanner and trapper, the mountain man has accumulated a net worth of approx. $200,000 as of 2018.