Kris Brkljač holds the profession of a businessman. However, that isn’t what brought the man into the spotlight. Brkljač came to fame as a celebrity husband.

Kris married the actress Stana Katic from the TV series Castle. Moreover, the actress found her career booming as time went on. But, what of Kris? Did he appear in any of the shows his wife starred in? How old is the celebrity husband? Read about them down below.

How Old is Kris Brkljač? Age, bio and more

Kris Brkljač was born on October 7th, 1961. Moreover, Brkljač is currently sixty years old. Besides, the celebrity hubby was born in Sydney, New South Wales. And as such, Kris originally held Aussie nationality. But, later, he gained an American nationality through his marriage.

Kris Brkljač was posing for a picture
Kris Brkljač was posing for a picture. Source: Instagram

Kris comes from a mixed ethnicity. Furthermore, his parents came from Serbia. And so, the celeb hubby comes from Serbian heritage. However, the names of Brkljač’s parents remain hidden from the public view.

Brkljač grew up with two siblings in the family. Moreover, the names of his brothers are Milan Brkljač and Dragoljub Brkljač. What’s more, Milan, one of his brothers, works as a chiropractor. Likewise, his other sibling, Dragoljub, currently works as a policeman.

Height and Weight

The sixty-year-old celebrity spouse, Kris Brkljač, stands at a respectable height. Moreover, Brkljač stands at approximately five feet and eight inches. Similarly, he weighs in at an estimated fifty-seven kilos or 127 pounds.

How Rich is Kris Brkljač? How much Net Worth does he own?

Kris Srboljub Brkljač and his wife, Stana Katic, can be considered wealthy. Moreover, Brkljač currently holds an estimated net worth of $2 million. Though Kris currently holds millions of dollars, he came from humble beginnings.

An old picture of Kris Brkljač and Stana Katic
An old picture of Kris Brkljač and Stana Katic. Source: Instagram

Before gaining the job as a business consultant, Kris was homeless. What’s more, he came to America in his early 20s. And so, during that time, the celebrity husband found himself struggling to establish himself.

And by the mid-20s, Brkljač finally managed to make a steady income. Moreover, he managed to secure the job of a business consultant. Furthermore, the typical salary of a consultant starts at $50k annually. As he rose through the ranks, his annual income also increased.

Married Life of Kris Brkljač

Kris Brkljač is a married man, which isn’t news to anybody. Likewise, the celebrity husband married the actress Stana Katic. What’s more, the actress and her husband, Brkljač, tied the knot on April 25th, 2016. Besides, the duo exchanged their vows in Croatia.

Kris Brkljač and his wife kissing in the outdoors
Kris Brkljač and his wife are kissing in the outdoors. Source: Instagram

The actress and her husband, Kris, hold a significant age gap. Even so, the duo holds unprecedented love for one another. But, Brkljač and his wife have yet to welcome a child. Furthermore, Brkljač and his spouse want to further their careers before welcoming a child.

The Castle star and her husband, Kris, lead a fairytale-like married life. And so, the couple remains free of any extramarital rumors. What’s more, the actress and her husband keep their past relationships away from the public. So, the names of Brkljač’s past lovers remain hidden.

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