Men have historically dominated the automotive business. When it comes to cars, women are frequently considered to be clueless. And this is particularly true when it comes to repairing them. But Lacey Blair is breaking that stereotype. The talented mechanic has been working in the industry for years. When it comes to fixing cars, Lacey can keep up with the best of them, and she’s not afraid to show it. So, know all the reasons why Lacey Blair left Diesel Brothers.

Who is Lacey Blair?

Lacey Blair is the hot mechanic who appeared on Diesel Brothers. Growing up as a car fanatic, she always had exposure to big cars and engines as her father is also an avid car enthusiast. For the most part of her life, Lacey grew up in Missouri. Being a woman in the truck scene isn’t easy. It takes a lot to be taken seriously when you’re a girl. But working hard is something Lacey has done her whole life, owning both Town & Country Salon and LB Motorsports in Potosi, Missouri.

Lacey in Black Top & Jeans Shorts
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Lacey Blair in Diesel Brothers

Before joining the reality TV show in 2019, Lacey Blair has a long history of working with automobiles. She had already made a name for herself on YouTube and in other online endeavors, but the show aided in propelling her to the next level.

Lacey looks gorgeous in Purple Hair.
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Blair’s internet presence and the celebrity she gained as a result of it should be credited with luring Discovery Channel. In late 2019, the channel approached her, and she joined the other automotive gurus on Diesel Brothers, where she has since become a fan favorite.

Why did Lacey Blair leave the Diesel Brothers?

The Spark motors have revved up their engines for a new series of gigantic trucks, high-octane feats, and extreme antics. Nevertheless, Lacey Blair is nowhere to be seen, and fans have been wondering what was the reason behind it.

Lacey in Sunglasses
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According to her, it was just due to her personal reason that she couldn’t grow herself under their employment. Instead of taking responsibility, it would be nice and easy if you would get a to-do list or the personal initiative to do things yourself.

But, Lacey quickly recognized that she was a self-employed type of person, which was the major reason why she departed from the show. Furthermore, as a result of it, she was unable to manage her side jobs. Such as her YouTube channel, businesses, and apparel, among others. However, there is no spectacular response or any bitter feelings for her.

Is Lacey married?

Yes, Lacey is engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Zach Pennock. The loving couple appeared to be serious about each other. As they continued to share their photos together on their social media accounts.

Lacey Blair looks pretty.
Source: Instagram / lacey_blair

Back in November 2019, on one of the videos uploaded by DMAXRYNO. Zach proposed to Lacey on the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. How cute! In the automobile business, the devoted couple seemed to be having a wonderful life together.

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