Minnie Beets, the real boss of Beets family, is the wife of gold miner, Tony Beets, who appears in the reality series, Gold Rush.

She was born and raised in Netherlands to baker parents as one of their five children.

She first met Tony when his family moved next door to Minnie’s house. Tony was seven and Minnie was six.

The two started dating when Minnie was 20 and married after a few years.

When Tony moved to Canada, she followed him. She did various jobs in retail, healthcare and later ran a hamburger joint.

The couple has four children, daughters, Bianca Beets and Monica Beets and sons, Kevin Beets and Mike Beets.

Minnie is the brains behind the Beets family patriarch, Tony. She handles all the finances and decision making.

Together, they run the Paradise Hill claim in Yukon, Canada.

They currently own a winter home in Maricopa, Arizona.