Michelle Malkin has some strong words for Trump haters and critics of his recent speech that he delivered to the United Nations. Appearing on Hannity, Malkin slammed liberal commentators’ hypocrisy in matters of the looming nuclear threat from North Korea.

Michelle Malkin praises Trump on Hannity

The conservative blogger praised President Trump’s “extremely strong” stance on Venezuela as she condemned the left for never talking about Trump’s actions like these.

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Sean Hannity accompanied by Michelle Malkin on the set of Fox News in December, 2016

“What do they want from the Commander in Chief? They want Hillary Clinton there, Miss pay-for-play foreign policy Miss Crony Socialism herself,” said Malkin, taking shots at the Democratic presidential candidate.

She thinks its unbelievable how liberals seem to think that the President is the aggressor in the case of dealing with the North Korea threat. “The leftists never talk about the repression of socialism,” she said about the critics of Trump’s UN speech.

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