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Michelle Malkin pursued a career in column writing just after graduating from the Oberlin College. She began her career at the Los Angeles Daily News in 1992 and became the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s journalism fellow in 1995. She also wrote columns for The Seattle Times and as a syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate before joining Fox News Channel. Her noteworthy career has certainly resulted in a huge net worth.

Quick Facts About Michelle Malkin

Name Michelle Malkin

Having gained the much-needed experience as a columnist, Michelle went on to appear as a commentator for the Fox News Channel quite frequently. She was a regular guest on The O’Reilly Factor till 2007, following which she mostly focused on writing, blogging and public speaking. 

Founder and contributor of the political blog, Michelle has written six books till date. 

Her first book Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores was released in 2002. It was a New York Times best-selling.

Her other books are In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror (2004), Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild (2005), Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies (2009), Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs (2015), and Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers (2015).

She has also founded two conservative websites called Twitchy and Hot Air, both of which are owned by Salem Communications. Twitchy is a Twitter content curation site which has over 200K followers while Hot Air is a political blog contributed by some pseudonymous writers.

At present, Michele occasionally appears on television with radio and TV host Sean Hannity. Formerly, she was a frequent guest on Greta Van Susteren's shows on Fox News. 

Michelle’s involvement in various sectors has earned her widespread popularity, along with a huge net worth. Her estimated net worth at present is $22 million. 

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