Megyn Kelly’s upcoming morning show, Megyn Kelly Today, might not pull in satisfactory ratings after losing the majority of young and non-white audience following the exit of Tamron Hall. Reporteldy, the network is in “total panic” after Kelly’s Sunday night program failed to pull in viewers from its previous demographic.

Megyn Kelly Today: A disaster waiting to happen

Megyn Kelly’s forthcoming NBC show, Megyn Kelly Today, is scheduled to air on September 25, but the anchor’s current ratings are painting a dire picture. 

Her NBC show, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, isn’t doing so well in the ratings department and is reportedly being topped by America’s Funniest Home Videos reruns. 

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly attending an event

This has the execs at NBC worried if Kelly’s morning show might bomb. Apparently, they are beginning to wonder if her $17 million paycheck was worth it. 

“A lot of people were watching the magazine show to try to get a sense of her appeal to the daytime demographic and a sense of how she would be outside of the Fox environment,” said an insider, who thinks Megyn’s television persona doesn’t “connect with women.”

“She’s going to have to adapt to the live audience, she will have to be more entertaining, and that will be a learning curve for her. The ultimate question is whether she connects with women in daytime.”

Megyn Kelly left her longtime network Fox News for NBC News in 2017. Know why?

NBC fired Tamron Hall to make room for Megyn Kelly

Tamron Hall smiling

Popular host Tamron Hall was fired from the 9 am slot at Today in early 2017 so that Megyn Kelly could take her place with her new morning show. 

Hall had been co-anchoring the morning show for three years. She also left her MSNBC show MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall around the same time of her Today exit. 

Hall’s replacement with Kelly obviously brought backlash. The National Association of Black Journalists branded it “whitewashing.”

Kelly’s debut in September will undoubtedly be met with a certain level of scrutiny because of this.

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