Updated: 06/02/2017 05:39 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Megyn Kelly left her longtime network Fox News for NBC News in 2017. Know why?

Megyn Kelly is now at NBC News since 2017

One of the outspoken journalists, Megyn Kelly has lately been serving at the NBC News after her more than twelve-year-long stint at the Fox News. Earlier a lawyer, Kellys career picked up a pace during her time at Fox News.

Scroll down to read her whole career story: from working as an attorney to early struggles in journalism to todays success.

Megyn Kelly was a lawyer earlier

Following completion of high school from Bethlehem Central High School, Megyn Kelly graduated in political science from Syracuse University and went to earn Juris Doctor from Albany Law School in 1995.

Megyn Kelly at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit Day 2

Editing Albany Law Review while at Albany Law School, she got to serve on a panel that reviewed sexual harassment accusations against faculty members.  Her journey as a professional attorney began after she graduated J.D. and intended to become a prosecutor in the office of district attorney but she was recruited as an associate in Chicago-based law firm Bickel & Brewer LLP. 

She co-wrote an article titled “The Conflicting Roles of Lawyers as Director” for American Bar Association’s journal, Litigation before moving to Jones Day, an international law firm, where she spent nine years. 

Megyn entered journalism industry, a year before switching to Fox News

In 2003, she headed to Washington, D.C. and quickly kickstarted her journalism career taking a position of a general assignment reporter for an ABC affiliate WJLA-TV. The 2004 presidential election, Justice Sandra O’Conner’s retirement and the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist are some of the major incidents that she covered in her time at WJLA-TV. 

After a successful year with ABC affiliate, she tried for the Fox News in 2004. Jonathan Klein, CNN president would later regret not signing Kelly to his network as a reporter at her early days in journalism, as she was considered “the one talent you’d want to have from somewhere else”. 

During her beginning days at Fox News, she contributed legal segments for network’s political commentary Special Report with Brit Hume and began hosting her own legal segment called Kelly’s Court.  Beside her show, she made weekly appearances on The O’Reilly Factor, guest panelist in Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld and occasionally in On The Record before hosting the show America Live

Megyn Kelly on her show 'The Kelly File'

Kelly’s America Live replaced The Live Desk which saw a viewership of Kelly’s program increased by 20%, which averaged 1,293,000 viewers. Similarly, her show saw viewers in the age demographic of 25-54 increase by 4%. Fox News named Kelly as the co-host of the New Year’s Eve special in December 2010 with Bill Hemmer. She also received a wide attention for covering 2012 United States presidential election 2012. 

Kelly took a break from America Live in July 2013 for maternity leave. However, motherhood would do nothing to slow down her progress as she returned back in October 2013 as host of a new nightly show called The Kelly File. On her show, she covered major news events like Boston Marathon Bombing, Duke University lacrosse rape case and Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. The show ended when she exited from Fox in January 2017.

Exit from Fox News for NBC News! What was the reason?

Certainly for Kelly herself, decision to leave Fox News wasn’t easy. Thanks to the Fox Network to for providing her a better platform.

Megyn Kelly is now at NBC News since 2017

In the last episode of Kelly File, she cited that for herself, a mom three children aged, 7, 5 and 3 respectively, nighttime schedule became a prime cause for her tough decision to leave her longtime network.

Was there any paychecks issues? Absolutely not, the Fox News veteran was reportedly paid $6 million per year in 2013. Still, her salary of $9 million per year made her one of the richest news anchors. Even reports had it that, the network was prepared to offer her over $20 million in the new contract. Now, she owns $15 million net worth.

Announcing that she was leaving for NBC, she posted a status on Facebook page stating that she would be appearing in a new daytime show through weekdays in the new network. She wrote "Now I have decided to end my time at FNC, incredibly enriched for the experience I had. I will greatly miss my colleagues at Fox, I am delighted to join NBC News family and take on my new challenge."