CEO of a multinational information technology company ‘Hewlett Packard Enterprise’, Meg Whitman has upturned her organization to an extreme height of success with her immense leadership quality. Her effective leadership style seems to be the major reason behind the enterprise’s success.

She began working as the CEO of HPE since 22nd September 2011. Before being connected with the company, she held the responsibility of CEO of an internet service company, eBay. Meg resigned from the position at eBay in November 2007.

Now addressing about her leadership style which comparatively other business executive lacks. Mainly,she concentrates on eight leadership techniques to get success. 




According to Meg,the first thing one should focus to gain the position of the good leader is by not centering the wrong activities rather, one must search for the best activity and keep doing them. 




Secondly,she says,to make progress one must break down barriers.




Thirdly,she believes in testing new products over and over until accomplishing brilliance. 




The fourth leadership style she has taught is that we should always keep the target market in mind so that we can acquire sufficient benefits from it. 

Likewise, the fifth quality a leader should hold is that he/she must know how to handgrip people.

Also,she believes, effective communication is requisite for a booming path.She says we should always listen to employees whether they utter about grievances or suggestions. 

Meg is also marked as a successful leader as she is spotted to be very supportive and participative. 

And lastly, the most important trait of her leadership skill is that she always inspires employees rather than forcing them.

Meg Whitman is one of the most successful female businesswomen in the world. Such reputed personality, Whitman, lived in a lavish home in Atherton, California. It is revealed that she is living there since 1998.

Listed among one of the best business executives in the world, Meg Whitman has made an immense level of achievement by following her leadership techniques. Hence, her leadership style has been noted by many young businesspersons as guidelines to success.