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5 Dark truths of Matt Roloff that LPBW fans may not know

Ever since Little People, Big World started airing in TLC in 2006, many shows have come and gone. But, the Roloffs have remained on the network in one form or another for nearly 12 years now, drawing over 2M viewers per week at the height of their popularity. The family patriarch, Matt Roloff appears harmless on the surface as he is committed to project a picture perfect image.

From his cheery social media photos with his two grandkids to the hunky-dory relationship with ex-wife, Amy Roloff, Matt intends to assure fans of his good-hearted nature. However, just like any other reality TV star out there, Matt also has a few chips in his armor. In fact, there's a lot of examples of Matt’s bad boy behavior, including the rumors of his staged LPBW scenes. Here’s the shady side of Matt Roloff that you may not have any idea about.

Drug addiction and alcoholism

Before breaking out as a reality star on TLC, Matt had been through a series of troubles including, drug addiction. He got seriously addicted to cocaine in the 80s, when he began experimenting with drugs. He opened up about his addiction in his 1999 memoir, Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World.

Matt Roloff is wearing red and black check shirt

With the help of his family, he gradually overcame his struggles with drugs but later turned to alcoholism. He was even arrested for driving under influence in Washington County, Oregon. Officers claimed that he was struggling to keep his Chevrolet within its lane and failed a field sobriety test. However, he denied any wrongdoing. Although his dark past and runs in with law are concerning, fans are glad that he has stayed out of trouble in recent times.

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He is never at fault

Matt Roloff is wearing red jacket and a sun glass while sitting on the jeep

Like many celebrities out there, Matt has everybody to blame but himself. Once, a regular viewer complained about a season 18 scene featuring Amy saying, there’s too much tension and stress in the show making it difficult to watch. Then, Matt openly commented on the subject saying,

I totally agree. We’ve been pushing the new producer to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront. For some reason, these new producers/editors that come into work...don’t know the show and want to amplify the negative...I’m not sure we can take that kind of editing anymore.

Although it’s possible that producers included the footage without Roloff’s knowledge to highlight the drama, it’s unlikely that the scene was fabricated. Amy and Matt have plenty of issues as it is. But, you know Amy has never accused producers of intensifying negativity.

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Obsessed with the thoughts of a stranger

Matt Reloff's family

Criticism comes with fame and when you are a star from a reality show that has been running for so long, you often have to look the other way. Looks like Matt didn’t get the memo. He is constantly complaining about fake news surrounding his family. In January 2018, he wrote on Facebook,

Just got caught up on my roloff family fake news lol. Fake news is alive and well..how sad. The roloff family just keeps hanging closer together despite these broken misleading headlines… matt, amy, jer, zach Audery, Tori, Molly, Joel, Jacob, Izzy, Chris, and caryn. All working together to surprise you all at differences. Wait for it… a few short months.

It’s admirable to speak up against fake stories, but Matt has to take it with a grain of salt.

Affair with employee

Fans were surprised when Matt’s romance with his longtime personal assistant, Caryn Chandler, came out three years after his split from Amy. Though they displayed boss-employee chemistry, people are suspicious that their romance escalated years earlier than they claimed it to be. Some fans went as far as to allege that their relationship created tension with their families. Now, both Matt and Amy have found love in their lives, but Amy confessed that her ex-husband’s union with his personal assistant was heartbreaking.

Matt Roloff sharing a smile with his now-girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Caryn is holding a white colored Japanese breed dog

Back in September 2012, Caryn’s ex-husband, Joseph Chandler, forbid their children from visiting the Roloff Farm. That makes us wonder why would he have issues with Roloffs back in 2012?

Matt Roloff settling down with girlfriend Caryn Chandler! His net worth 2018

Supposedly took credits for Roloff’s Salsa 

Everyone, who is a regular viewer of Little People, Big World know that Roloff’s Salsa was Amy’s idea. However, fans accused Matt of taking credit for Amy's pumpkin salsa business idea when he took to Instagram to boast about it. 

Matt Roloff with his then-wife, Amy Roloff

In fact, Matt hadn’t supported the idea before it became popular. And fans got one more proof of his shady side when he waited to appraise his ex-wife’s business idea until it became a fan favorite. However, he owns the stake in the business. 

What are the negative parts that Matt has to work upon? Let us know in the comments.


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