Today host Matt Lauer also has a net worth of $60 million. Not only is Lauer the highest paid in NBC but also the highest paid on the entire channels such as Bill O’Reily from Fox News and Anderson Cooper from CNN. Talk about having bragging rights!

NBC News offered Matt Lauer a bigger check to keep him

NBC News offered Lauer such a high salary to prevent him from leaving the Today show. Lauer had thought of leaving the show after receiving a lot of flak for the incident over Ann Curry’s departure. With being offered a deal of earning $25 million dollars annually, Lauer decided to stay. It was an offer he could not refuse.

Matt Lauer was given a high salary also because he had been part of the show since 1997. Having many years of experience and being good at his job, there was no way NBC wanted to let go of such an indispensable host. This is why till date, Lauer is part of ‘Today’.

Matt Lauer smiling, he's wearing a suit

If you are not impressed yet by just how stunningly high NBC is chipping on to Matt Lauer, consider the salaries of his fellow co-hosts. Working with him on the same platform, Lauer’s co-hosts earn a whopping $20 million dollars less than him annually. Al Roker’s salary comes at $8 million while Natalie Morales is at $2 million dollars.

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Matt Lauer was the highest paid anchor at NBC before getting axed

If anything, Matt Lauer has his charm and his looks to blame for his attractive salary and net worth. While his co-workers scrimp around, Lauer will be looking down from his throne of being NBC News’s highest paid anchor.

He became a producer on the WOWK-TV in 1979. He has the full responsibility for the late night news. Subsequently, he moved to become a reporter and started hosting several local talk shows from Boston to Richmond. Later, he was hired on the live interview to show 9 Broadcast plazas which made a proliferation in his net worth.

He is paid $25 million per year for hosting the three-hour long program. Although some might argue that Matt Lauer doesn’t provide his money’s worth on television, it’s not stopping NBC from paying the hefty salary.

Matt Lauer is the reigning king in being the highest paid anchor of NBC News with a salary of $25 million dollars annually.