Marty Lagina is well known for his appearance in the reality show, The Curse of the Oak Island. The show documents the controlling interest of Marty and his brother, Rick Lagina, in the Oak Island Tours Inc., which holds the ownership of most of the Island. The Lagina brothers along with their team have been working prominently to find the secrets of the Oak Island.

Lagina family

Marty was born to George Jacob Lagina and Ann Lagina in Kingsford, Michigan. He has two sisters, Mary-Anne and Trace and a brother, Rick. He was raised in Michigan and has spent nearly all his life there.

Rick with his brother Marty.

He and his brother both went to Catholic school. He went to Michigan Tech and is a bachelor degree holder majoring in science and mechanical engineering in 1972. He enrolled Law School at the University of Michigan where he earned his degree in 1982. However, he is also into wine as his family ties to one of Italy’s premier winegrowing areas.

With an engineering background and interest in wine, he has been working with his brother to search the temporal treasure of Oak Island. He first discovered his interest in the treasure at the early age after he and his brother read the account in Reader’s Digest, about the temporal mystery of the Oak Island, in January 1965.

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Lagina brothers and their team in The Curse of Oak Island

Well! The Oak Island dragged the attention of many since the unsolved mystery came to light in 1795. The Lagina brothers have got a thirst to solve the riddle. With that going, Marty started appearing in the active reality show, The Curse of the Oak Island, which airs in History network alongside his brother.

Rick and Marty Lagina for 'The Curse of the Oak Island'

The show documents the effort which the two dreamers from the Midwest and their team have put on in the search for historical artifacts and treasure. They have solved some greatest mysteries in the show sine its premier on January 5, 2014. The show caught the eye of many with his unique contents and the modern technology, which they use in the process of mystery solving.

After four successful seasons, the show more recently aired the fifth season, which ended on March 6, 2018. With that, the show has become the “longest running treasure hunting show,”  gracing the Lagina brother with wide recognition.

Facts to Know About The Curse of Oak Island’s Rick Lagina

Whenever Lagina brothers are asked regarding the treasure hunting show, we can see the spark and their hunger to solve the puzzle. With the strong determination, they has been able to drag the attention of legion of viewers. About the show, Rick said,

We felt like we wanted to give everyone a proper place where the story could be explained, it’s not just about the search, it’s about telling the story.

Rick Lagina

Marty’s business ventures and net worth

When Marty is off the field not hunting treasure on Oak Island, he devotes his time for the betterment of the Mari Vineyards which he established in June 2016. His vision for Mari Vineyards is simple and effective.

He wants world-class wines which are made locally in Northern Michigan but with carries the taste of the Italian style of his ancestors. He provides a vision and leadership guide from the base including what grapes to plant and to the architecture of tasting room and winery. In every aspect, he makes sure to stay true to his dream.

Marty Lagina standing on the beach of the sea

Besides, he is also the owner of a wind turbine company, Heritage Sustainable. He previously owned a natural gas extraction company, Terra Energy. He reportedly sold the firm to CMS energy at $58 million.

With his business ventures and career as a reality star, he has amassed a colossal amount. As of 2018, Marty has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Rick Lagina & Marty Lagina Net Worth

Is Marty Lagina married?

Yes, Marty Lagina is a total family man. He is currently married to Olivia Lagina. The pair so far has been able to keep the major details of their marriage as low-key as possible.

Marty Lagina and his wife, Olivia Lagina standing in their grape field

Together, the pair shares a son, Alex Lagina and a daughter, Maddie Lagina. His children also give him a hand in his business. When he is away in the field to hunt treasure, his kids look after the businesses.

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Marty Lagina is an American reality television personality and engineer best known for his work in the History TV series, Curse of the Oak Island.

Marty was born in Kingsford on Michigan’s upper peninsula and obtained a bachelor’s degree in science and mechanical engineering.

He and his brother Rick were in a library when they read an article about Oak Island and its treasure in the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest.

The brothers have been using modern technology and independent researchers to obtain the historical artifacts that are buried in the island.

The show is currently airing its fifth season, which is set to end on March 6, 2018.

He owns Heritage Sustainable, a wind turbine company.

He previously owned Terra Energy, a natural gas extraction company, which he reportedly sold to CMS energy for the price of $58 million.

Marty comes from a long line of winemakers and owns Mari Vineyards which he established in June 2016.

Through his various endeavors, Marty Lagina has amassed an astounding net worth of approximately $100 million.

Marty is married to Olivia Lagina, and together they share a son, Alex Lagina, and daughter, Maddie Lagina.

Alex and Maddie both help their father run his business while he is away hunting treasures in Oak Island.


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