Many celebs in the entertainment industry love keeping their love affairs a secret and Marina Squerciati has taken the game to a whole new level by disclosing her pregnancy without revealing her partner.

Marina Squerciati pregnant with anonymous husband?

Recently, on February 15, 2017, Marina revealed that she is pregnant through her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She shared a photograph showing her baby bump with the caption “SURPRISE! It’s been hard to keep the secret… I thought: what better way to tell you all the news?!”

Marina Squerciati showing her baby bump alongside a baby stroller

The news was more than just shocking because she was already 7 months pregnant and due in April.

Though Marina is on cloud nine with her pregnancy, she has not revealed who is the father of her baby. This has left many of her fans to speculate that she is pregnant with her Chicago P.D. co-star Patrick Flueger. Fans are actually hoping for Patrick to be the baby daddy and many even wish to see them get married.

Patrick Flueger and Marina Squerciati riding mechanical horse

There have been many reports in the past which claim Flueger to be her boyfriend but none of them were confirmed. In fact, there isn’t any concrete proof that assures that they had dated or are dating each other at the moment.

 Biography of Marina Squerciati

It would be odd to presume their relationship based on their photographs and sizzling on-screen chemistry because Marina shares a lot of photographs with all of her co-stars and colleagues. 

A few reports also say that Marina is secretly married. However, they only seem to be rumor and nothing more than that as she has not shared anything regarding her marriage or husband openly.

Well, fans have no other option than to wait for Marina herself to reveal who the baby daddy is.

Will Marina Squerciati leave Chicago P.D.?

Marina Squercaiti and Brian Geraghty on Chicago P.D.

Marina landed her breakthrough television role as Officer Kim Burgess in Chicago P.D. in 2014. Before this, she has made guest appearances in police procedural dramas Blue Bloods and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and had a recurring role as Alessandra Steele in Gossip Girl.

In Chicago P.D., Marina appears as the main cast and has performed in all four seasons. Moreover, she has made reprised her role in the series’ spinoffs Chicago Fire and Chicago Med.

Marina has recently revealed that she is pregnant but Officer Burgess, her character on Chicago P.D., is still single. This has made her fans wonder if her pregnancy would be written in or not. Fans are also worried if she would have to leave the show. But since her character just got promoted to the Intelligence Unit, her role has presumably not come to an end.

Everything to know about Patrick Flueger

Marina has not disclosed anything about her role in the series in the days to come except a funny spoiler that she attached in her pregnancy announcement as “Don’t be surprised to see Burgess holding a LOT of file folders in front of her stomach on #ChicagoPD.”