Magnus Walker aka Urban Outlaw (born 1967) is a British fashion designer, who is famous for his Porsche collection.

As a ten-year-old, he was fascinated by the Porsche 911, which he saw with his father at Earl’s Court Motor Show.

He even wrote a letter to the car company asking for a job, and they replied writing that he could apply for a job after finishing school. 

He moved to the United States in 1986, where he later founded Serious Clothing Brand.

His designs have been donned by Queen of Pop – Madonna, Alice Cooper, Bruce Willis and many more.

To expand his business, he started a huge factory in the Los Angeles Arts District, which has been used as film sets by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Prince, and Jay Z among others.

Though he launched a career in designing, his fascination with cars remained the same. He bought himself a 1974 Porsche 911 in 1992.

He joined the Porsche Club of America in 2002 and then collected several vintage Porsches and also began racing.

At a point, he sold over 40 Porches and presently, he owns 25 customized cars that are collectively worth approx. $7.5 million.

His Porsche obsession was documented in the short film, Urban Outlaw, in 2013.

Magnus’ exact net worth is not known, but we can guess that he’s worth tens of millions of dollars.

Even in his early career, he was earning $2000 a week from his customized pants business.

He could earn millions from his customized Porsches, but he maintains that modifying Porsches is only an “out of control hobby.”

Magnus Walker was married to wife Karen Walker until her death on October 28th, 2015.

Karen worked with Magnus overseeing operations at Serious Clothing Brand, and it was her idea to buy the factory for the company.

Walker shared the news of her death on Facebook, but didn’t go into details on the cause of death and requested some privacy to mourn.