Rapper Mac Miller passed away unexpectedly on September 7, but 26-year-old had planned ahead and created a will. According to a court probate, Miller set up a trust in 2013 and executed a will, naming his parents, Mark McCormick and Karen Meyers, as trustees.

Who is the beneficiary?

Reports also have it that a lawyer named David Byrnes was named as administrator of his estate. His brother, Miller McCormick is also listed as a beneficiary, just in case their parents aren’t around and as an administrator when Byrnes is unavailable. There were no clear details about the worth of his estate when he executed the will in 2013.

a family picture of McCormick family

However, after his death, news surfaced that he was worth around $9 million. Miller, whose birth name was Malcolm McCormick, was pronounced dead at his Studio City home on September 7. No cause of death was revealed even after an autopsy, however, sources reported that he had gone into cardiac arrest after suffering a drug overdose.

Celebs expected to get married in 2018

Many people in the Hollywood have mourned the tragic demise of the rapper and his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande is still not over the loss. Grande, who got recently engaged to Pete Davidson, continues paying tribute to her ex, feeling sorry for not being able to help him through his mental struggles. She has been sharing her memories with the late rapper on social media calling him her “dearest friend.”

Rest in peace Mac Miller!

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