Kristin Chenoweth, lacking any apparent aging signs on her face and still possessing an attractive body measurement, might have undergone plastic surgery. Never married woman is currently enjoying her time with boyfriend Andrew Pruett.

Kristin’s plastic surgery have stolen public attention over the years. Her past and present pictures are the clear evidence for the changes she has been through.

The most challenging thing in a celebrity’s life is, constantly being under the media scrutiny. For her stunning looks and attention-grabbing voice, she has been darling to many fans worldwide.

Following the fact that she is a celebrity from a showbiz world, all of her happenings including her personal stuff, lifestyle, career profile, accomplishments and everything are under the attention of the eagle-eyed public. So is her plastic surgery.

Before analyzing the procedures she has gone through, accept the fact that she looks really amazing at this age also.

Seemingly not so natural, but actually she looks much better & appealing than she used to be. Unbelievable! She is in the age bar of the late 40s.

Changes are sparkling on her magnificent looks. Dazzling smile characterized by the white teeth, face suiting nose, wrinkle-less forehead & cheeks and well-defined jawline helps her stay trendy. But she seems to have taken the help of surgeon’s scalpels to make it constant.

Kristin Chenoweth has gone through various procedures to uplift her beauty, Let’s get into it details

Regular Botox use might have kept her forehead wrinkle-free and smooth. Though he hasn’t treated her, dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian says, “She may have had an ultrasound brow lift”.

Similarly, plastic surgery expert Dr. Barryl Weintraub have noted her nose job. Anyone can say that such a crystal clear change i.e. narrower and somewhat bony tipped nose than before is an indication of rhinoplasty.

Other experts say that dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma have probably contributed on replacing the facial volume loss caused by aging. Most probably, she went under a knife to transform her pointed chin to more squared-off & wider than before. Undeniably, it acts a strong proof to her chin augmentation.

Great smile & pearly white teeth have always been her assets. Perhaps, she has taken the help of dental veneers to keep her smile more glamorous. Before and after pictures reveal some differences, you better go through it.

Romancing with several hunks, Kristen Chenoweth lasted with Andrew Pruett

The Oklahoma-born beauty is romancing with Andrew Pruett since the past year, following the long and short time romances with several hunks. The 4 feet 11 inch Broadway belter gushed to People last year that her new beau is really a good man.

Andrew, who graduated from the John Brown University has worked for Apple Inc. in Cupertino in the last five years.

The blue-eyed, blonde-haired duo met through their mutual friend and made their official red carpet appearance together on June 7, 2015, at the Tony Awards.

Before meeting Pruett, she dated another single dad, Dana Brunetti and also shared her romantic chemistry with former Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, a filmmaker Charlie McDonnel, Marc Kudisch and Oscar-winning Aaron Sorkin. Similarly, Pruett also has a son from his previous relationship.

Let’s hope, this love will be her last love. Wish the couple will find their way together.

Credits of her slim body measurements of 34-23-33 inches and ageless looks go to her scheduled workouts and plastic surgery simultaneously. The 48-years blonde Kristin Chenoweth seems to have found a real love of her life after numerous ups and downs in her life.