Kris Williams is an American investigator and researcher. What’s more, she came to fame for her work in the SyFy TV series Ghost Hunters. But what is she doing now?

Well, currently, Williams enjoys her life away from the spotlight. However, thousands of people follow her on her social media. Nevertheless, here’s a bit of Kris’s info down below!

How old is Kris Williams? Age and Bio

On February 20, 1981, Kris Williams was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, the United States. However, she was raised in New Hampshire. Besides, she holds an American nationality. Moreover, as of 2022, Williams is 42 years old.

A picture Kris Williams during her days in Ghost Hunters
A picture of Kris Williams during her days in Ghost Hunters. Source: Instagram

The reality TV actress comes from white ethnicity. Despite thriving in the spotlight, Kris likes to keep her family away from the messy spotlight. And so, the names of her parents remain elusive even today.

Growing up, Williams became a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Furthermore, it’s an organization that investigates reported paranormal activities. Before joining TAPS, she worked as a flooring installer and carpenter for three years and experience electronics, art, and photography.

Net Worth of Kris Williams

As of 2022,  Kris Williams has accumulated an estimated net worth of $7 million. Moreover, she managed to earn her wealth as an actress. More on the said career, down below.

Kris Williams at the Windmill Island Gardens for her holidays
Kris Williams at the Windmill Island Gardens for her holidays. Source: Instagram

Kris joined the Ghost Hunters’ crew in 2007 as a case manager and investigator but later moved to ‘Ghost Hunters International‘ in 2011. She worked in ‘Ghost Hunters International‘ with Barry Fitzgerald until April 4, 2012.

And today, Kris enjoys life in luxury. However, she still keeps a low-key lifestyle. And so, Williams’ assets such as cars and real estate properties remain hidden from the world’s view.

Online Presence

Like any other celebrity, Kris loves using social media. Moreover, Williams uses all major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What’s more, she managed to gain thousands of followers on all of her social media accounts.

Is Kris Williams Married?

Yes, the American actress Kris Williams is a married woman. On Nov. 10, 2017, Kris married an Australian pilot, identifying himself as Captain Wingit on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Kris Williams and her man were out for a Mardi Gras party
Kris Williams and her man were out for a Mardi Gras party. Source: Instagram

The duo, Kris and her mysterious husband, tied the knot away from the spotlight. What’s more, the spouse of Williams loves his life away from the limelight. And so, Wingit remains an elusive figure to Kris’ fans.

In one of her Instagram posts, Kris revealed that she baked a cake. Moreover, she further relieved it was for her husband’s children from his previous relationship.

Before tying the knot, rumors about Kris and Barry Fitzgerald circulated. Furthermore, fans speculated that Kris and Barry’s duo were dating. But, the talks just disappeared without a trace when Kris tied the knot with someone else.