Kimberly Guilfoyle has earned a net worth of $5 million from her multi-faceted career. She reportedly earns an average salary of $840,000 from her job at the Fox Network. Before landing at the Fox Network, she served as a legal analyst on The O’Reilly Factor and a political analyst on Hannity.

In February 2006, Kimberly Guilfoyle was hired by the Fox News Channel to host the weekend show- The Lineup. Kimberly has since become a regular contributor at Fox News Channel.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has stirred a few controversies.

At Fox News, Kimberly has voiced some controversial insights. If anything, the controversies have increased her popularity. Just recently, she mentioned how biased the press was toward President Donald Trump compared to other presidents of the USA. She remarked on-air, Nobody’s had it so bad as President-Elect Donald Trump, regarding the amount of like bashing, trashing in the press.

Kimberly Guilfoyle in a gorgeous red dress

Guilfoyle ridiculed The New York Times by saying they “got it wrong” and could have done “a better job” of having fair and balanced reporting and covering accurately. If President Barack Obama was favored by the media, why be different from Donald Trump, she maintained.

Moreover, fans found her contradicting her views regarding the Roger Ailes lawsuit. She bashed the Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes, claiming that he called her “a ‘Puerto Rican w****,’ ‘easy,’ and a ‘Puerto Rican street fighter.’” Earlier in June, however, she had voiced how professional the working environment was at Fox Network.

Here is what she had said she worked and anchored primetime at MSNBC. Likewise, Guilfoyle also worked for Good Morning America. Similarly, Kimberly’s been on the Today show. Again, she has worked at Court TV. Kimberly also worked at CNN. But, the best, the most professional, supportive environment she has ever, without question, worked in was Fox Network.