Kennya Baldwin is the wife of American actor, producer and author, Stephen Baldwin. They have two daughters together, who have turned out to be successful models. 

Kennya Baldwin early life bio: Age & net worth details

Kennya Baldwin was born as Kennya Deodato, daughter of the Brazillian music legend Eumir Deodato. She is of Italian and Portuguese descent. She is a graphic designer, who graduated from York Preparatory School in 1984. Her real age and date of birth have not been disclosed, but via social media sites, it has been revealed that her birthday falls on 1st October.

Kennya Baldwin is hugging her husband Stephan Baldwin. They look cozy together, spending quality time by the ocean. Kennya's wavy hair looks perfect with her smile.

Kennya has a successful career in graphic designing but she is more famous as Stephen Baldwin’s wife. Her net worth, however, remains behind the veil. Reportedly, Stephen has a net worth of $500 thousand, as of 2017.

Kennya Baldwin and husband Stephen Baldwin have been married for over 25 years

After dating for more than three years, Kennya and Stephen got married on 10 June 1990. The duo celebrated their 25 years of togetherness in 2015, and Kennya took to Facebook to share with the world how grateful she is to have her husband. She wrote a few beautiful lines for her husband, along with the snaps she shared on Facebook. The couple had gone to Malaysia to celebrate their special time. 

Kennya Baldwin shares two daughters – Alaia Baldwin (born 1993) and Hailey Baldwin (born 1996). Both her children have grown up to become models. The whole family believes in Jesus and lead their life accordingly.

Kennya Baldwin is lying in the bed with her two daughters Alaia and Hailey. The picture of Kennya is taken during her young age. Hailey is crying while Kennya and Alaia is smiling.

Kennya was first influenced by her housekeeper, Augusta, into the conservative Christian faith. Stephen revealed that the Brazilian housekeeper took the job at Baldwin’s house because it was prophesied that couple would be believers. The celebrity couple eventually joined the Brazilian ministry, more specifically after the Twin Towers attack in 9/11.

Kennya studies the Bible for at least 45 minutes while Stephen meditates for two long hours.  Their conservative faith has further strengthened their bond as well as the family priorities. The couple exhibit typical parenting roles. Stephen said, “Jesus or no Jesus, if my daughter started working in a strip club, I’d beat her ass.”

Talking about Kennya’s father, who divorced her mom about nine years ago and is currently dating a young girl, Stephen said that he is not accepted inside the Baldwin house. Not until he marries his girlfriend. In Stephen’s words “It would be OK if they were married, but until that happens, until he is acting in a way we feel acceptable according to our faith, then no.” 

Although this might come out as harsh and illogical to non-believers, the couple is firm in their belief. This has been strengthening Stephen and Kennya Baldwin’s respect and love for each other.