Kendall Schmidt, originally “Kendall Francis Schmidt”, is a singer and an actor widely recognised for his single Blame It on the Mistletoe and the famous television series Big Time Rush. He also owns a recording company – TOLBooth Records.

Kendall Schmidt Mini Bio

Born on November 2, 1990, Kendall was raised in Wichita of the United States. Only a little is known about his academic side as his career debut dates back to the time when he was just five. Kendall and his brother played a TV commercial at such tender age.

At the age of 9, Kendall’s amazing talents of acting led him to be chosen as one of the two children in the Steven Spielberg film. A year later, Kendall’s parents decided to move to California, which proved to be a landmark for Kendall’s career.

He consecutively got opportunities in numerous television shows and films thereafter. By 2008, Kendall had already done CSI: Miami, Gilmore Girls, Raising Dad and many other series roles.

Recognised as an experienced man in the field of acting, Kendall was handed the lead role in the 2009 series Big Time Rush. It is one of the biggest hits of his whole acting career. All of the seasons of the show ended in 2013.

Following from 2011, Schmidt did numerous episodes on different seasons of various series. Hand Auf’s Herz, Marvin Marvin and How to Rock, were much appreciated by the Kendall fans. Schmidt is also engaged with Hollywood, acting small roles in movies such as According to Spencer and Big Time Movie.

Besides filmography, Schmidt’s discography has been remarkable for his career. Recording singles, appearing in albums and writing songs has kept the 26 years’ old singer busy until now. He wrote the song “Love Me, Love Me” in 2011.

Family and Personal Life

Kendall Schmidt was born to father Kent Schmidt and mother Kathy Schmidt. He also has two brothers namely Kevin and Kenneth.

Currently, Schmidt has been dating Micaela Von Turkovich since a couple of years. In the past, he has been out with Kayslee Collins just for a year, from 2009-2010.

In late 2010, Kendall managed to get into the life of Katelyn Tarver. The relationship lasted no more than two years and sadly ended up in 2012.

Associated With

This year, Schmidt is playing the role of Brando in the Hollywood movie The Great Migration. It is set to release later in late 2016.

Besides his personal life, Schmidt is an active user of social media sites. He boasts 2 million likes on Facebook, 2.5 million followers on Twitter and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.