Karan Brar is humorous and smart; hence, he wants a witty girlfriend. However, do his parents think the same? On top of that, he is of an Indian origin and you know the traditional Indian families! Besides having a different taste for girls, Karan also shows a different way of celebrating his birthday.

Karan Brar wants a girl who can make him laugh

Listen up Girls! Karan Brar doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. More excitingly, he seems to be in need of one. He has even described the character his type of girl would possess. Take a look if you qualify to be Karan’s girlfriend.

thanks again @teenvogue for having me last night

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In 2015 Instagram video Karan said, “Right now, I’m not dating anyone but the kind of girl that I like is the one that makes me laugh. I have a lot of humour in me and I love to tell jokes so I would love a girl that can do the same.”

That’s a perfect choice Karan has made; people with similar interests last longer in the relationship. What do you think girls? Can you make him laugh?

Besides, wit is also another character he is after. The girls he wants should be witty. Well, Karan, you revealed your choices to make girls impatient. But do your parents want the same too? Perhaps, not.

Karan’s parents are more concerned about his age more than anything. How Karan describes his ideal girlfriend probably matches the choice of his family too, but the family might have extra limitations. Probably, his parents wouldn’t want someone who drinks.

Anyway, Karan has made a lot of money so far. He is worth a whopping $1.2 million. That kind of net worth alone is enough to attract any girl in the world. However, Karan has preferences. So, everyone doesn’t qualify to be his girlfriend.

Girls do love to be with him.

@onedirection killed it!! Make sure to check out their new album #madeintheam pc: @radiodisney

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Karan Brar had his 17th birthday with his three close friends

On 18th January 2016, Karan Brar celebrated his 17th birthday. On his birthday, Karan had a day out with his most close friends. With Cameron Boyce, Kevin Quinn, and Sophie Reynolds, Karan had an amazing birthday as we could see on his Instagram and Twitter photos later posted by his best friend Cameron.

When @thekaranbrar tries to pay for lunch ON HIS BIRTHDAY. I think not. Happy 17th man, I love you.

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Only 17 now, Karan, however, is a gentleman. His friends had to struggle to force from not paying the bill. It means Karan definitely had a nice treat from his three friends.

His 16th birthday with family:

While Karan has been looking for a girlfriend, his parents might be worried about his age. The gentleness he showed in the restaurant does make him seem like matured, though. 16th birthday with family, 17th with the close friends, perhaps Karan Brar would celebrate the upcoming birthday with the future girlfriend.