Writer, artist and director Alexandra Grant came to the limelight as the lover of Canadian actor and musician Keanu Reeves.

While we know a lot about The Matrix actor, very little is known about his long-time friend and now-girlfriend, Alexandra. Keep on reading to learn more about the 46 years old philanthropist. 

Alexandra Grant Bio: Family and Education

Alexandra Grant was born in 1973 in Fairview Park, Ohio. The information regarding her parents or siblings remains hidden from the world. And so, Grant led a life away from the spotlight.

Artist Alexandra Grant completed her Master of Fine Arts in drawing and painting. Alexandra Grant is currently the board member of Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art in LA.

Alexandra graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in history and studio art in 1994. In 2000, she completed her Master of Fine Arts in drawing and painting at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. 

Career as an Artist

Seven years after completing her master’s education, Alexandra got an opportunity to have a solo exhibition! Moreover, the show was organized by Alma Ruiz at the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA. 

Alexandra Grant is called the radical collaborator and has collaborated with writers including Michael Joyce and  Hélène Cixous

Also known as a radical collaborator, the artist has collaborated chiefly with writer Michael Joyce. Alexandra has used Joyce’s texts as scripts, which have been the subject of at least three series: the ladder quartet, the Six Portals, and Bodies, all of which were shown at the Honor Fraser Gallery in LA.

Alexandra used language as a source of imagery and did a twin series exhibition with the feminist writer Hélène Cixous on her book called the Philippines in 2013. Around a hundred people came together to create a large-scale drawing of the book itself.

Artist Alexandra Grant has exhibited plenty of her artworks including Antigone 3000 which has been shown at Barnsdall Art Center in LA

The two spoke about their telepathic relationship in a hub, Mains d’Oeuvres, and one of the most extensive art galleries in the UK, Nottingham Contemporary.

Keanu Reeves automobile collection!

After gaining inspiration from the documentary film, Century of the Self by Adam Curtis, she began exhibiting her artworks in various Museums and Galleries. “Century of the Self” at USC’s Fisher Museum in LA, “Drawn to Language” at Lora Reynold’s Gallery in Texas in 2014 and “We Must Risk Delight: 20 Artists from Los Angeles” at Venice Biennial are some of her works.

Artist Alexandra Grant has her artworks inspired from various languages and text from writers

In 2015, Alexandra began exhibiting her painting “Antigone 3000,” inspired by Greek myth. Works from “Antigone 3000” have been shown at Barnsdall Art Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as part of the exhibition “L.A. Exuberance: Recent Gifts by Artists.”

She earned several awards, including the California Community Foundation, Artists’ Cover Award in 2007, and the 2015 City of Los Angeles Mid-Career Artist Award (COLA).

Career as a director, writer, and philanthropist of Alexandra Grant

Apart from the artwork, she also directed a documentary film, Taking Lena Home, a part of her residency at the Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art in Omaha. 

Alexandra Grant has published 2 books with her current lover, Keanu Reeves called Ode to Happiness and Shadows

In 2011 she first published her book, Ode to Happiness, collaborating with her current partner Keanu Reeves. Again in 2016, the couple reunited to release their second united book, Shadows. They found a small artist book publishing company called X Artists’ Books a year later. 

Alexandra Grant is a philanthropist and has her project called grantLOVE to produce and sell original artworks for benefiting artists projects and arts non-profit

In 2008, Alexandra founded the Philanthropic grantLOVE project to produce and sell original artworks and editions in hopes of benefiting artist projects and arts non-profits. This project has supported arts organizations such as Heart of Los Angeles in LA and  Union for Contemporary Art in Omaha. 

The 46 years old philanthropist is currently the founding board chair of Watts House Project and the board member of Bemis Centre for Contemporary Art. 

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Alexandra Grant’s Relationship with Keanu Reeves 

After working together during Ode to Happiness, Alexandra and Keanu had built a very close relationship. Although they started as friends, there were rumors that there was more to this friendship. 

Alexandra Grant and actor Keanu Reeves have reportedly started dating after appearing holding hands at the Red Carpet

While the artist’s love life remains under the shadow, the John Wick star previously dated actresses. Moreover, Reeves dated Jennifer Syme and China Chow. He had also expressed strong feelings regarding his Speed co-star, Sandra Bullock.

Artist Alexandra Grant with her new lover Keanu Reeves

Alexandra had recently walked the red carpet with her current partner, Keanu Reeves, 55. The two flaunted their romance as they held their hands while walking down the event. 

Social Media Activity 

The artist from LA has a pretty active social media appearance. Moreover, Alexandra continuously uploads pictures on Instagram relating to her artworks. She has managed to keep her Instagram on the professional side and has not shared photos of her personal life.

Alexandra also has her website called Alexandra Grant, where she showcases her products. We don’t have the exact estimate of her current net worth. We know that her current partner, Keanu Reeves, has a whopping net worth of $360 million as of 2019.