Katie Pavlich, well-known American conservative journalist is presently in the limelight for the engagement news with boyfriend Brandon Darby. The validity of the rumors has not been confirmed yet. If she had really got engaged to Brandon then when will the two get married? Let’s find out.

Katie Pavlich is secretive about her private life affair but she couldn’t hide her love relation with alleged boyfriend Brandon Darby

Pavlich has mostly been secretive about her private life affair. However, her love relationship with boyfriend Brandon Darby is not hidden from the public. Katie is believed to be romantically involved with her alleged boyfriend since a long time. In fact, reports have it that they knew each other since their childhood days.

Natives of the State of Arizona,none of them have ever made confirmation of being in a love relation with each other.

Katie and Brandon are really close to each other since they are childhood friends

Katie is really close to Brandon as they are childhood friends. Apparently, things have become more serious between them. Buzz is roaming all over that they might get married anytime soon since their engagement news is spreading all over the media.

Couple of years back, in 2012, Brandon revealed some interesting facts about his relation with Katie on Twitter. While giving a reply to Andrew Breitbart, he said that he never dated Katie but he can date her.

In the meantime, there was also a news that they are planning to continue their long hauled relationship throughmarriage. But because of Katie’s bustling timetable and her goal, they were not able to settle down.

When Katie was asked in one of the interviews that whether she regretted her decision of not getting married to Brandon, she said that she knows that he will be right there and she will be right here whenever they needeach other.

She further revealed that she has a hope of getting married to him in future but not so soon.

Katie’s alleged boyfriend Brandon works as an informant for Federal Bureau of Investigation

Katie’s alleged boyfriend Brandon works as an informant for Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is also a conservative blogger and additionally holds responsibility as Managing Director of news and opinion website Breitbart Texas.

Both look perfect together as a couple if they are really dating each other. However, Pavich has always refused to disclose any information which could give authentication of her love affair with Brandon.

Katie and Brandon love relation seems to be true but when will they get married is still not known

The love story of Katie and Brandon seems to have some truth indeed since most of the media news are meandering about their relation and also they have known each other for a long time.

As of now we just have to wait for the perfect time when Katie will announce to the whole world that Brandon is her boyfriend and she is exchanging wedding promises with him in near future. Presently, Katie Pavlich, as well as Brandon Darby, has stayed tight-lipped regarding their engagement and marriage news.