Updated: 02/25/2017 06:48 PM | First Published: 08/19/2016 12:19 PM

Kathy Brock: Married at age of fifty-one, an accomplished news anchor has a huge salary and net worth. Who is her husband?

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Kathy Brock is an accomplished news anchor with a huge salary and net worth of millions. She is presently married to her second husband, Doug Regan.

Initially, Brock spent six years at KUTV-TV as a reporter before joining ABC 7 Chicago. She is one of the highly rated anchors there, operating Chicago's number one rated show.

Globally known as a gorgeous, smart and witty news reporter, Brock has an impressive bio-data. She has landed hosting jobs in a number of networks such as KUTV-TV, CBS, KEPR-TV, KBCI-TV, KWSU-TV and ABC.

Her hard work has been appreciated with two Chicago Emmy Awards and two prestigious national awards. Her career graph shows constant growth in her career which has surely made her financially established. She has been inexpressive about her income and net worth, so her salary at the time is unknown.

Brock lived in Winnetka for 20 years and later, decided to move to the city. Sources reported that she sold her 12-room home for $1.6 million in 2011, which she bought for $1.5 million in 2005.

In Chicago, she purchased a fabulous 2900 square-foot condo unit for $1.4 million. She must be getting an attractive salary from the network!

The exact figure of her net worth is yet to be revealed, but we can predict that the net worth of the accomplished news anchor is undoubtedly huge.

Unlike her earnings, Brock's personal life is not much of a secret. This immensely successful journalist has had one unsuccessful marriage.

She was married to attorney Micheal Staab at one point. They divorced but they never specified the reason behind their divorce. She has two grown children with her ex-husband.

Presently, Brock is married to JP Morgan banker, Douglas P. Regan. They exchanged their vows in 2011. She was fifty-one at the time.

Regan is the regional head of the Midwest Private Bank, which includes 11 states. He joined JP Morgan in September 2012 and has held several leadership positions in his extensive career.

At the age of fifty-one, Brock found the love of her life for the second time. She is currently residing in Chicago with her husband, whom she's been married to for 5 years. Kathy Brock's high salary and net worth are the reason behind her lavish lifestyle.