Judy Sheindlin, the judge of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning reality series, Judge Judy, is the owner of multi-million dollars houses in the several locations. Her luxurious lifestyle comes from her successful career as a reality show star, and nothing says success more than her annual salary of $47 million and a whopping net worth of $300 million. 

Judge Judy’s salary and net worth in 2017

Judy’s initial earnings were less than $15 million per year. This was when she began airing the first few seasons of Judge Judy. Despite the fact that the show’s format was not new with two such court shows already airing, Judge Judy rose as the most stable court-themed show in American TV history.

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Most of Judy’s success rested on the prowess of Judy’s no-nonsense cut to the chase personality. Even celebrities and famous people have reported that Judge Judy is their favorite show to tune in to. With every renewal of her contract, her salary has increased to sit at a record-breaking $47 million annually.

Judy Sheindlin in her lawyers' dress, sitting in her justice table. She is a spectacular lawyer even in her real career wise.

Judge Judy’s salary was $15 million per year in 2005. Five years later, when the contract was renewed, her annual salary became $45 million. In 2013, she became the highest paid TV star with $47 million annual salary. Her per episode salary is over $900 thousand as she works only 52 days in a year.

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Judge Judy leads an extravagant life with her ever-growing list of houses

Judy has homes in different states of the United States like Connecticut, Florida, New York and Wyoming.  A few years back in May 2013, she bought a new condominium based in Los Angeles of Beverly Hills for $10.7 million. She purchased this home as she had to commute to LA every other week for 2-4 days to shoot episodes of Judge Judy.

The house looks grand and beautiful. It is definitely worth spending some millions from Judy's net worth.

The latest mansion she bought was in December of 2015. She purchased a villa in Naples, which has eight bedrooms, a lagoon with three waterfalls and a living room spanning over 10,000 sq. ft.

Judy also owns a 24000 sq. ft. mansion in Connecticut. Her house has indoor pools, outdoor pools, gardens, fountains, indoor theater and so much more. All thanks to Judy’s television career, which has made this extravagant life possible for her.

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