The ruthless judge that Judy had been in her career as a lawyer, seems to be the opposite when it comes to her grandchildren. Judy and her husband Jerry lead a successful retired life with their children and grandchildren today.

Judge Judy remarried husband Jerry Sheindlin after divorce

Judy lives a unique love story, like those in dramas. She has twice married the same guy, and she is really happy with her decision.

Judge Judy was married to Judge Jerry Sheindlin in 1977. They divorced in 1990, the year Judy lost her father. She shared a special attachment with her father, so this loss had left her emotionally broken. They got divorced, partially as a result of not being able to deal with the situation.

Judy Sheindlin waving at her fans. She is out with her husband, the couple look adorable.

As the saying goes – love will eventually find its way – the two reconciled and remarried in 1991. They live a happily married life as of now.

Judy was previously married to Ronald Levy, a prosecutor in juvenile court. They were married for twelve years until they got divorced in 1976. She shares two children – Jamie and Adam – with Ronald. She has three step-children – Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole – from Jerry’s previous marriage.

Judy and Jerry together nurtured their five children. Even though the family held a lot of step relationships, Judy’s family stands uptight with love and respect.

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Judge Judy’s huge family has thirteen grandchildren so far

Judy’s children have been doing the best as they are involved in reputable careers. Adam, Gregory, and Nicole are lawyers while Jonathan is a retinal surgeon.

Judy Sheindlin is standing proudly with her family all surrounded. Her children are well-off in their career.

Judy’s children have also made Judy a proud grandmother to a total of 13 grandchildren. She revealed that she might have been strict on the court but she is a regular softie to her grandchildren. She likes to spoil them a lot which is something she never did to even her own children.

In September 2013, she not only attended the wedding of her grandchild Casey Barber but also officiated it. Being a lawyer in the family does have its perks! At this rate, it seems Judy will soon be a great-grandmother too.

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Judy Sheindlin’s jaw-dropping net worth includes many grand houses! 

Judge Judy had left her first husband Ronald Levy because he always tried to belittle her career in law. As Judy was destined for something big, she ended her twelve-year long marriage with Ronald.

Judy Sheindlin in her lawyers' dress, sitting in her justice table. She is a spectacular lawyer even in her real career wise.

Judy who didn’t bother sacrificing her long-term marriage for her career has achieved the peaks she had been dreaming of. She is listed as one of the richest and influential entertainers in the USA.

Judge Judy fancies on luxury houses! With her ever-growing family, she’s been millions on grande houses

Judy was the only woman out of 126 students in her law class at American University. Now she is the owner of a number of mansions. As for her recent purchase, she bought a grande house in Naples in 2015 for $8.6 million.

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