Luxurious House Owner, Judge Judy - How much is she earning from Reality Show? Know her Huge Net Worth and Salary

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Judy Sheindlin, the former judge of the Daytime Emmy Award Winning reality series Judge Judy, is the owner of multi-million dollars worth houses in the several locations such as New York, Connecticut, Wyoming, Florida and Los Angeles. Her luxurious lifestyle comes from her successful career as a reality show star and nothing says success more than her annual salary of $47 million and a huge net worth of $200 million.

Judge Judy added new house in Los Angeles as the fifth house in her account in May 2013

She has homes in different states of United States which includes the house in Connecticut, Florida, New York and Wyoming. Judy sometimes moved down in sunny regions of Florida to live in her $8.9 million dollars, 10-000 square foot mansion which has a generous view of the ocean to spare some time out from her work.

A few years back in May 2013 it came into news that she bought new condominium based in Los Angeles of Beverly Hills for $10.7 million dollars. Judy bought the house in Los Angeles as she has to live there for 2 to 4 days a week to shoot episodes of the long-running reality show Judge Judy.

In May, 2010 Nightline Co-Anchor Cynthia McFadden visited Judge Judy's Connecticut-based house. She was warmly welcomed by Judy and her hubby Jerry Sheindlin. After entering into a house, Cynthia went to a giant kitchen which she feels it was better for a photoshoot than to have a dinner. Let's check out this video when Judy was featured on Cynthia's show later.

Retired lawyer, Judge, TV personality, Arbitrator, Author, Judge Judy is all of them at once. Known for being the fiercest personality on daytime television, she manages to pull in an audience of 100 million daily.

Judy's initial earnings were less than $15 million at one time. This was when she began airing the first few seasons of Judge Judy. Despite the fact that the show format was not new with two such court shows before, Judge Judy blew out of proportions with viewer count steadily increasing.

A couple of months back in January, she asked all audiences what's their favourite Judaism is? Let's check out what's the number one answer she found.

Judge Judy works just 52 days in a year and earns huge salary amount

Now she is able to afford giant properties such as her $8.5 million New York residence where she has a mini office too.

Most of the success rested on the prowess of Judy’s no-nonsense cut to the chase personality. Even celebrities and famous people reported it was their favorite show to tune into. With every renewal of her contract, her salary was raised to accommodate the rising numbers of viewers she pulled in. Now it sits at a record-breaking $47 million annually.

On December 2015 she shared a moment through twitter where she was appointed to the bench in the family court by the New York Mayor, Edward Koch. Have a look in the old picture.

She owns a 24000 square feet mansion in Connecticut. Her house has indoor pools, outdoor pools, gardens, fountains, indoor theater and so much more. Frankly, we can’t blame her for spoiling herself with such luxuries. If we were earning over a hundred million annually, we would have trouble finding where to spend the money in!

Judge Judy earns a lot for the number of days she works. She works just 52 days a year and yet pulls in an impressive salary of $47 million, effectively earning the title as highest paid TV personality. With a staggering net worth of $200 million, we guess she can buy a more extravagant house than she already has.

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