Jordan Butler is a car builder and a racer who is famous for appearing on the Discovery show, Misfit Garage.

Born to a builder father, he spent his childhood working with his dad in his garage.

During high school, he used to drag race for money at local strips and he doesn’t remember losing.

After highschool, he got degrees in fabrication, street rodding and auto body collision from Wild Tech.

He worked as a pit crew for 16-time Funny Car winner, John Force before returning back home.

He gained fame as one of the highly sought after race car chassis builders.

He built a race car for Thomas Weeks and impressed by his work, Thomas introduced him to Gas Monkey Garage.

However, he and Tom Smith were fired from GMG after they cussed at the store manager.

Then, the two along with Scot McMillan and Thomas Weeks started a new company, Fired Up Garage and soon got the show, Misfit Garage on Discovery Channel.

He is engaged to Meagan Risberg and raises two children with her.

His oldest son shares his passion of building cars.