Meet T-Mobile CEO John Legere's daughters. Is he still married?

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John Legere and his wife, with whom he has two children, are divorced. The T-Mobile US CEO is one of the most popular business personalities in America, partly because of his huge social media presence.

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Quick Facts About John Legere

Name John Legere
Children Elizabeth Legere, Christina Legere

However, Legere has been successful in keeping his personal life details away from his fans. 

John Legere is divorced from wife

Details of Legere’s marriage have not been revealed but it is known that Legere is divorced from his wife of many years.

John Legere's wife and daughter selfie

Legere has two daughters with his ex-wife; Elizabeth “Lizzy” Legere and Christina Legere.

John Legere's daughters appear on his Instagram

Legere is very active on Instagram, where he has over 37.2K followers. He frequently shares photos of his two daughters on his account. He and his daughter, Lizzy, often go on runs around New York City and Legere is often seen with Christina at T-Mobile events.

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The father-daughter duo was last seen together at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014. They were there for the premiere of Love Child, a movie of which Legere was an executive producer. 

Legere has been married twice

Legere has tied the knot twice. The celebrity businessman is not so keen on sharing his personal life details, so his first wife's name also remains unknown.

Legere is presently single. He has been a bachelor at least since 2014 as he shared the following post on Twitter in October 2014.


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Hector Ruesga

best ceo ever!! didn't know he was divorced

John Keljic

I thought his wife's name was Christina??

Lisa Hunnam

lol isnt that his wife with him at sundance?

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