H1- Is celebrity chef Amanda Freitag Gay? Find out more about her love life: 

Amanda Freitag is often rumored to be gay. She is one of the celebrated chefs in the history of America. Being the celebrity chef, Amanda is usually followed and asked questionnaire about her personal and professional life by paparazzi. Her unmarried status and rumored boyfriends had ignited the questions about her sexual orientation. 

Is Amanda Freitag really gay?

Famed for Food Network’s famous hit series, Chopped and American Diner Revival, Chef Amanda Freitag is often followed and asked about her relationship profile. There have been no any current gossips about Amanda’s relationships link ups.  

She is currently single and enjoying her life, but according to her she was dating someone back in 2011 but identification of man is yet to be revealed. Being a TV personality and famed chef, Freitag has been the topic for gossips regarding her sexual orientation.

Chef Amanda Freitag speaking in front of microphone. She is seen wearing red T-shirt and Blue coat

Her unmarried status at the age of 45 has aroused the questions about her being a gay or lesbian.So, is she really a lesbian? there have been only speculations made about her orientation being gay as Amanda has been very protective about her personal as well as relationship profile from media and she doesn’t like talking too much about it. 

Having no stable man in her life, Amanda Freitag is rumored to be in relationships with a couple of personalities including Gennaro Pechhia , Bruce Seidel and Aaron Sanchez. Though she didn’t date these men publicly some of the pictures hanging on the internet led her fans to think about her series of relationships. 

Amanda Freitag’s rumored boyfriends:

Following the fact that Amanda is a celebrity and minor happenings of her life are criticized and publicized by others. Once her picture came out where Genanro Pechia is seeing kissing Amanda in the midst of the blissful party and her fans went crazy and assumed that they both are in love.But after that moment they haven’t been caught together. 

Chef Amanda Freitag in middle is being kissed by Gennaro Pecchia during a party.

After this incident, another photo went viral similarly where she and Bruce Seidel are sharing a real romantic story. The rumor didn’t end there as Bruce Tweeted “@amandafreitag You always look FAB!!”.  

Chef Amanda Freitag hugging Bruce Seidel from right.

 There have also been possible rumors about Aaron Sanchez and Amanda Freitag’s romantic chemistry. They both work together, so they are likely to spend multiple times together. They both are seeing attending multiple parties together and posing like a real romantic couple.

Chef duo Aaron Sanchez hugging Amanda Freitag for a photo.

As we have already said that followings are the only speculations about her personal life. By the time now Amanda Freitag has been cooking for more than 20 years now. So it looks like she is in a relationship with her passion and career. Amanda’s professional life is like an open book where has her personal life is a complete mystery.