Teen Beach Movie famed John DeLuca and Maia Mitchell are always thought to be dating each other. However, if you take a look at DeLuca’s Instagram, you’ll find that he has a girlfriend! So, why are DeLuca and Mitchell always rumored to be dating?

John DeLuca and Maia Mitchell had excellent on-screen chemistry

John DeLuca sitting besides Maia Mitchell

DeLuca, 31, and Mitchell have worked together in the Disney series like Jessie, and Wizards of Waverly Place. They also starred together in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie, which was released in 2013. DeLuca and Mitchell shared the screen once again in 2015, reprising their role for the sequel, Teen Beach 2.

Their frequent onscreen collaboration led their fans to believe that they were dating. However, none of them addressed the rumor and it fizzled out. But some crazy fans still believe that the former on-screen duo are dating on the down low.

We feel for these fans because DeLuca was pretty secretive about his love life until he began dating his current girlfriend, Lidia Rivera. The actor has never publicized his past romances but, he does share shirtless pics of himself time and again.

John DeLuca is dating model Lidia Rivera

John DeLuca embraced by girlfriend Lidia Rivera

Sorry DeLuca-Mitchell shippers, John is taken! In fact, he’s been in a relationship with his Mempis born model girlfriend since July 2016. Since then, John has taken to Instagram to share loved-up photos of himself and his girl.

Even if there’s any truth to DeLuca dating Maia Mitchell, it would have to be in the past as he has been with Rivera for around a year now. Also, Mitchell is reportedly back together with her ex, Rudy Mancuso.

DeLuca’s rumored ex-girlfriend Maia Mitchell dating Rudy Mancuso

Maia Mitchell standing beside boyfriend Rudy Mancuso

Mitchell and YouTube sensation Rudy Mancuso are reportedly back together. They parted ways back in March 2016, but Mancuso’s recent Instagram activity suggests that the duo has patched things up. 

Mitchell is also super low-key when it comes to dating and managed to keep her relationship with Mancuso under the radar. However, fans do get a cute photo here and there on Instagram. Recently, Mitchell and Mancuso attended the Billboard Music Awards in May.