Joe Zolper is a TV personality and automobile fabricator, best known as a lead mechanic on the Velocity TV series, Garage Squad.

Growing up on his grandfather’s farm, he helped repair and customize dirt bikes and cars owned by his dad and brother.

From the young age, he started working as a mechanic and has been drag racing since the age of 16. 

At 23, Joe started the workshop, Prison City Choppers & Customs, in Joliet, Illinois.

As a chief wrench at the shop, he builds his own cars, motors, transmissions and rear ends.

Some of his custom-built cars include pro modified 69 Daytona known as alcohol blown, and alcohol blown 68 GTX.

He has been appearing on Velocity reality series, Garage Squad, since it premiered on August 1, 2014.

In the show, he along with Bruno Massel, Heather Storm and the team bring new ideas to renovate and restore the old cars.

Joe married Jennifer Zolper in 2000. She has been into the drag racing since then. He lives with his wife and daughter in Joliet, Illinois.