Edd China is an English television presenter, mechanic and motor specialist, best known for his work in the Discovery TV series, Wheeler Dealers.

Edward John China who specializes in anything with motors quickly became a fan favorite on the show.

He appeared in ‘Wheeler Dealers‘ for 13 seasons, before leaving the show due to disagreements over the direction of the program.

Edd took to YouTube to provide more info to his fans, as to why he left the show and how the show will progress without him.

Here are five facts about Edd China

Edd China YouTube Channel

If you’re a big fan of Edd, you might be one of the over 290k subscribers on his YouTube channel which is named after himself.

But, what you might not have known is that Edd has garnered more than 11 million views with just 26 videos uploaded to his channel.

His Guinness World Record

Every single fan of Edd knows that he holds multiple Guinness World Records, which include the fastest shed, toilet, bed, milk float and largest motorized shopping trolley.

What some might not know is that the record for fastest furniture, which Edd made in 1998 and which he broke in 2007 himself, is currently held by Perry Watkins.

Perry Watkins broke the previous record on September 5, 2010, with a motorized dinner table.

Edd might appear in the 2019 China Rally

In another session for AskEdd, he revealed the reason of the abrupt ending of his last episode in ‘Wheeler Dealers.’

The 1916 Cadillac, which the team was working on, was supposed to head out to China to take part in a rally.

But the network canceled the project a week before they were supposed to fly to China.

According to Edd, he bought the car from Mike Brewer and is planning on taking it to the rally in 2019 after working further on the car.

Edd China’s taste in music

In one of his YouTube AskEdd sessions, a fan named Dominica Grace asked what genre of music Edd likes to listen to while working.

Edd said that it’s mostly an eclectic mix depending on his mood. Sometimes it is classical music or Trad Jazz.

He listens to Art of Noise, Van Halen, Prodigy, Electro Swing and even Above and Beyond.

Edd’s daily driver

In an interview with Car Throttle, he told that his first car was a Volkswagen Beetle 1303 and his daily driver is a Range Rover.