Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York Socialite who is popular for her facial surgeries, controversial divorce from Alec Wildenstein and a lavish life. It’s estimated that her yearly phone bill crosses $60,000 and her food and wine cost more than half a million dollars. Her real name is Jocelynnys Dayannys da Silva Bezerra.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Mini Bio

Born on September 11, 1955, Jocelyn started dating a Swiss producer Cyril Piguet at the tender age of 17. Later, she also lived with French moviemaker Sergio Gobbi. While she was staying in Paris, she trained to hunt and fly helicopters making herself an adept hunter and pilot. In the United States, she was introduced to the billionaire Alec Wildenstein by an Arabian arms dealer.

The divorce of Jocelyn is a topic of controversy, even today. After they married in their early 30’s, the Wildenstein couple lived a very happy and luxurious life spending their property of a few billion dollars.

However, the couple suddenly had to divorce. The reports say that Jocelyn walked into her husband’s apartment with a Russian girl on his bed. This scandalous cheating case led the couple to separate from each other soon after the incident.

It’s also said that Alec Wildenstein pointed a gun at her wife when she found him with a very young girl.

Jocelyn received a whopping net worth of $2.5 billion and $100 million every year for the next 13 years after her divorce with the billionaire Alec Wildenstein.

Family and Personal Life

Jocelyn was raised by her father, who worked in a sporting store, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The 61-year-old Wildenstein now mothers two children: Diane and Alec Jr.

Very much fascinated by the plastic surgeries, Jocelyn herself has spent more than $4 million on her plastic surgeries. The face she has was intended to give her a cat-like look, according to the sources. Wildenstein says that she is happy to have gained such a look from various cosmetic methods. She feels proud and content.

Associated With

Jocelyn was never interested in building a career. Once she told NY Times: “I never worry for my career. I am very good at decoration. I am maybe extremely good at decoration.”

Many Tabloids wrote about her on topics such as ‘The Bride of Wildenstein’ and ‘Catwoman’. All that appeared in the media wasn’t good for Jocelyn’s life; she was criticized heavily by the media and people. Even her husband had made some controversial statements about her drive to change her natural looks via cosmetic surgeries.