Jimmy Swaggart, 79, is an American Pentecostal pastor, teacher, musician, author, and televangelist. Renowned for his album God Took Away my Yesterday, Swaggart is one of the celebrated names in TV evangelism. Such is his popularity that in the 1980’s he saw his telecast being transmitted to over 3000 stations. Besides success and popularity, the multi-talented television personality has also acquired a satisfying net worth from his career. 

His successful career has been well matched by his blissful personal life with his lovely wife, Frances Swaggart, and their son Donnie. Jimmy and Frances have been married for 64 years. Success has come without any hesitation for the multi-talented person. But his impressive life story has a dent in it.

A successful career, fruitful family life, and reputation nearly went up in smoke when Swaggart was found guilty of having hired prostitutes. His action led to his ministry’s losing its aura.