Jimena Gómez Paratcha holds fame as a celebrity wife. What’s more, the lady married the legendary guitarist from the band Led Zeppelin. However, things did not go as they married duo hoped. So, Gómez and Jummy Page ended their wedlock.

After the divorce, Paratcha stayed away from the limelight. Moreover, she and her ex-husband welcomed two children in their wedded life. But, who is Jimena? Learn about Gómez’s bio in the following article down below!

Who is Jimena Gómez Paratcha? Read about her age, bio, and more

Jimena Gómez Paratcha came to mainstream fame as a celebrity wife. Furthermore, Gómez was born in San Francisco, California, USA, on 1972, November 7th. Besides, the ex-wife of Jimmy Page holds an American nationality. Likewise, she comes from a Hispanic ethnicity.

Jimena Gómez Paratcha smiling at the camera
Jimena Gómez Paratcha smiling at the camera. Source: Pinterest

Paratcha is currently 49 years old. Moreover, Jimena was born to an Argentine father and mother. But, the identities of her parents remain hidden so far. More on her bio, Gómez grew up in Los Angeles and Buenos.

The ex-wife of the musician normally keeps her past hidden from the world. However, many online sources reported that Paratcha worked as a social worker. What’s more, she worked for a community service center for many years in Ecuador during her younger days.

When did Jimena Gómez Paratcha marry Jimmy Page?

Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin, married Jimena Gómez Paratcha in April of 1995. Furthermore, Gómez and Page exchanged their vows away from the peering eyes. Nevertheless, the duo later finalized their divorce in 2008. After the divorce, Gómez lives away from the limelight.

Jimena Gómez Paratcha was on the stage
Jimena Gómez Paratcha was on the stage. Source: Pinterest

Jimmy and Jimena held a very romantic married life for more than a decade. And in that blissful years, the musician and his wife welcomed two kids. However, those weren’t the only children in the ex-couple life.

Fun fact, their firstborn was a daughter named Zofia Jade Page. And she was born in 1997. Similarly, after a few years, the couple welcomed another child. Gómez named her son Ashen Josan Page, and he was born in 1999.

Children from Another Partner

Jimena and jimmy only gave birth to two children in their wedlock. However, both the musician and his wife had kids with other partners. It comes a no surprise that the rockstar had multiple spouses. And as such, Jimmy Page welcomed many children over the years.

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Gómez, on the other hand, had a daughter before meeting the musician. But, the name of her ex-partner remains hidden. What’s more, Jimmy later shared his name with Jimena’s daughter. Furthermore, the name of her eldest daughter is Jana Page.

How Rich is Jimena Gómez Paratcha? What’s her Net Worth?

Jimena Gómez Paratcha might not be as rich as her ex-husband, but she certainly can be considered rich. What’s more, the former celebrity wife, Ms. Paratcha, currently holds an approximated net worth of $200 thousand. What’s more, she also makes her money as a social worker.

Jimena Gómez Paratcha was speaking to the public
Jimena Gómez Paratcha was speaking to the public, Source: Pinterest

According to various websites, social workers in the United States earn an average of $47k to $80k annually. Likewise, given her fame and records, Jimena could very well earn around $70k per year. However, due to Ms. Gómez’s shy nature, her wealth remains a mystery for now.

Speaking of wealth, Jumena’s ex-husband, Jimmy Page, holds an estimated net worth of $180 million. What’s more, the social worker also received spousal support from her ex-spouse. Yet, the details regarding their divorce settlement keep the world guessing. The rockstar and his ex-wife keep the info hidden from the public.

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