When you think about marriage, what comes to your mind? Kids and a partner, probably. But, when you talk about Martyn Eaden, all that comes up is his divorce from his actress wife. But, who is Martyn? Well, keep reading to find out.

Eaden came to the mainstream spotlight through his wedlock. However, Martyn made a massive splash from the separation of the two. Unsurprisingly, the celebrity husband enjoys his life away from the limelight. Moreover, he kept most of his life away from the media.

Who is Chrissy Metz’s Ex-Husband Martyn Eaden?

Martyn Eaden works as a journalist and a writer from England. Yet, he came to fame from his marriage with Chrissy Metz. More on in bio, Eaden was born in Great Britain. Furthermore, Martyn was born in the early 1970s. And so, the ex-spouse of Chrissy is around the age of early-fifties.

Martyn Eaden and his ex-wife Chrissy Metz
Martyn Eaden and his ex-wife Chrissy Metz. Source: Pinterest

Chrissy from the show This Is Us may be fine in the spotlight. However, her former husband doesn’t enjoy the fame as much as she does. As a result, very little is known about Martyn. But, from his few public appearances, Martyn belongs to a white ethnic background. Moreover, his parentage remains a mystery to us all.

Given Martyn’s profession, Eaden holds a degree under his belt. However, the college and subject he studied remain hidden from the public. Similarly, the ex-celebrity spouse hasn’t shared much about his childhood.

Did Martyn Eaden Remarry After the Divorce?

No, Martyn Eaden hasn’t married again yet. Furthermore, the British Journalist keeps himself away from the media. So, his current love life remains unclear to the world. Thus, we assume that Eaden isn’t married again.

Returning to his past, Martyn keeps his past lovers away from the media. What’s more, no name of his former girlfriends came to light. Similarly, whether he was married before his wedlock with Chrissy Metz remains unclear.

At the start of Chrissy’s career, the duo met. Furthermore, Martyn and Chrissy started dating in the early 2000s. After dating for a few years, the love birds tied the knot. In 2008, Metz and Eaden exchanged their vows away from the public. Initially, the married partners held a fairy tale marriage.

As time went by, things slowly changed for Chrissy and Martyn. And after almost a decade of wedlock, Metz and Eaden decided the end their marriage. In 2015, the couple shocked the world with their announcement. The actress from ‘This Is Us’ and her ex-husband finalized their divorce.

Did Chrissy start dating again?

Chrissy Metz from the show This Is Us moved on from her broken marriage. Furthermore, the actress seems to found love once more. Moreover, Metz started dating Bradley T. Collins in 2020.

The ex-wife of Martyn Eaden, Chrissy Metz and her new boyfriend
The ex-wife of Martyn Eaden, Chrissy Metz and her new boyfriend. Source: Instagram

The American actress took to Instagram to announce her new relationship. Moreover, Chrissy posted the picture in honor of National Boyfriend Day. Further in the post, she wrote a sweet message for her new partner.

Happy #nationalboyfriendday to my dreamboat! Bradley, from the first moment I laid eyes on you I wanted and needed to know you. Now I feel so lucky to love you.
You can #Collinsmesmitten for sure!
Thank you for being the absolute wonder that you are, I love you.♡

Wrote Chrissy Metz

What’s Martyn Eaden’s Net Worth? How Rich is Eaden?

Martyn Eaden currently holds an approximated net worth of $2 million. Eaden contains enough wealth to be considered very rich. Moreover, he earned most of his income as a writer.

The ex-wife of Martyn Eaden, Chrissy Metz
The ex-wife of Martyn Eaden, Chrissy Metz. Source: Instagram

Eaden holds the credit as the screenwriter for Death Factory. Likewise, he started gaining more work as a movie screenplay writer after his divorce. However, he still likes to stay hidden from the world. And so, not much about his assets is known to the public.

Chrissy Metz, Martyn’s ex-wife, holds a massive wealth compared to him. Moreover, Metz owns an estimated net worth of $8 million. Furthermore, she leads a lavish lifestyle, as seen on her social media posts.

No Online Presence of Martyn

Martyn Eaden keeps himself away from the virtual world. Furthermore, Martyn lacks any social media accounts on the internet. And this shows that Eaden prefers life away from the public view.

However, Martyn’s ex-wife Christine Michelle Metz holds a massive online presence. Moreover, Christine uses all of the major social media. Moreover, the actress remains very active on all of her accounts.

Starting with IG, Metz holds 1.8M followers. Similarly, over on Facebook, Christine collected around 1.1 million followers. Again, the actress/musician managed to gain around 107k subscribers on YouTube. Finally, over on Twitter, Metz holds accumulated followers of 288k,

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