Jennifer Coolidge has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and measurement of 44-34-37 inches is oozing both sexiness and fun into Hollywood movies. Her acting roles have done a magnificent job to make people crazy about her. Is it all natural?

Maintains her body fit and fine even after entering into 50s

Coolidge got her frame naturally. Since her debut, she always has had those big breasts. She wears 40D bra size and her body can be described as apple type.

Therefore, there isn’t much to debate if her breasts are surgically enhanced. She also has never undergone any surgery to reduce her body fat or make her frame smaller. Being a bit heavy in Hollywood isn’t necessarily a good thing.

With criticism coming heavy, Coolidge is proud with her body size, which is why she maintained it as such for many years.

Being a comedian, she jokes about being plus-size. “I’m like this giant lady in a big dress, there must be four or five kids under there! There are at least four men in each breast in size alone.”

Blessed with large proportions of hips, breasts, and butt, Coolidge does a little more than making sure to flaunt them in the red carpet with dresses that generously display her cleavage.

Added to her bombshell curves that can make even Marilyn Monroe look skinny in comparison, Coolidge also has a sultry pout and eyes to match. Her blonde hair which she usually curls old Hollywood glam style is also one reason why the camera cannot get enough of her presence.

Do blondes have all the fun? It definitely seems to be so, as Jennifer Coolidge has never really felt the need to lose a lot of weight to be skinny like her fellow Hollywood actresses. Even at the age of 54, she is rocking her killer curves. Jennifer is now going along to nail roles in Hollywood.

Did Jennifer Coolidge get plastic surgery? It’s still a mystery!

As far as it is concerned, she might have got some lip diminution, Botox and possibly breast implants. Her skin still looks well-preserved and unmutilated, so chemical peels have been suggested to her for the durability of her cuticle.

And she may have had some mini- facelift and browlifts. Coolidge has neither confirmed nor denies these issues.

As they say “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”. Jennifer Coolidge doesn’t seem to be getting old nor seem to be growing up because all of her juvenile jokes still make people laugh hard.