Many observers were skeptical about her nose job but might change their mind if they see her bikini look. Her transformed nose has enhanced her appearance.

Her bikini avatar flaunts a slim body measurement of 37-27-35 inches. She posted a bikini picture with her fitness secret. She mentioned that she takes protein followed by no nutrient juice cleanse. Then, she goes to yoga class.

Her intense workouts and diet paid off as we can see in her wedding pictures. Her hourglass body looked amazing in her white gown. She looked no less than a princess.

Before the wedding, the 5’3″ tall Armenian beauty was on a strict diet and went through a tough fitness session with to-be-husband Christian Lopez. She sometimes takes out time to go out hiking with Lopez.

Ana is always open about her life whether it’s personal or professional. She got candid about her nose job on a show and we know quite a lot about her personal life.

Ana Kasparian’s investment for a nose job paid off. She looks gorgeous than ever. Her bikini avatar flaunted her perfect body measurements of 37-27-35 inches with a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Must say, Ana Kasparian carried it off pretty well.

Ana Kasparian has admitted having spent a good sum of money for a nose job. Her measurements of 37-27-35 inches look perfect in a bikini. Her height of 5 feet 3 inches just complements her sensual body.

It takes a lot of courage to admit to having gone through a plastic surgery. Most of the celebrities deny such action but Ana Kasparian happily admitted to having a nose job.

Courageous Ana Kasparian openly talked about having a nose job

The co-host of The Young Turks is an excellent example of beauty with brains. At the age of 30, she is a powerful political pundit, co-host, as well as producer of her online news show.

She is one of the most influential talk show hosts whose show is informative and includes international news and pop culture from a progressive view.

Being a celebrity, her appearance and mannerism also influence people, and she is always under the public eye. That’s why her nose job was quite a subject of interest. Though rumors of her nose job surfaced instantaneously, she spoke out and controlled the growing speculations.

She was brave enough to admit herself going under the knife and confessed of having spent a considerable amount of money to perform rhinoplasty. She is really happy and satisfied with the result.

Many viewers liked her transformed nose. The transformed nose suits her face structure and she looks much more gorgeous than before.