Jen Selter is one of the most popular American internet celebrities ruling social media, mostly Instagram, through fitness modeling. At an age of 24, she happens to have over 11.6 million followers on Instagram. Jen, with her amazing body measurements, knows exactly how to use her bikini pictures and revealing hot selfies for her career.

Jen Selter Wiki: Short Bio

Jen Selter is a Leo, born on August 8th, 1993 in Roslyn, New York to mother Jill Weinstein and father Todd Selter.

This American internet celeb who stands 1.6 m tall and weighs 125 lbs is often described as having the “world’s best butt”. Her sister Stephanie ‘Steph’ Selter seems to be a fitness freak too and let’s not forget about her mom, Jill Weinstein, who is ridiculously fit as well.

Jen Selter selfie, her hair is falling over her shoulders

She was picked on for her “quite large and odd-shaped” nose, which ran throughout her family. Her mother recalls that she would come back home crying. Jen remained bothered and felt worthless because of her body image. 

At the early age of 15, she was publicized in a magazine for having a controversial nose surgery. Many years from this, posting revealing pictures on Instagram helped her gain countless number of fans in not very long which was enough for her to mark herself as a celebrity. 

According to Selter, she had a job at the front desk of a gym back in 2012 which motivated her to become dedicated towards fitness and her body. She states that the progress of those who came to the gym inspired her to change her body herself.

Jen Selter wearing a sports bra and yoga pants which showcase her posterior

And now, she takes proper care of exercise ideas, everyday diet and right way of working out in order to maintain the perfect shape of her 34-23-36 inched body. She even has her own blog called JS Fitness where she conducts a bikini body challenge in order to inspire others to take good care of their fitness.

Does Jen Selter have plastic surgery?

Like any other profession, Jen has equal number of haters as compared to her supporters and the people who love her. But she says that she takes them very lightly as these criticizers are a part of her success as well.

Recently, she gave an interview clearing out all the rumors regarding her butt enhancements and surgeries. She explained that she even thought of having an X-ray to prove that her butt was real but all of it was unnecessary as these rumors were so obviously false.

Is Jen Selter dating anyone?

Like many other celebrities, there have been rumors regarding Jen’s relationships and the list of her boyfriends.

Jen Selter with one hand on her hip

But at this time, there’s no such surety of her dating someone but is rumored to have hooked up with Big Time Rush singer James Maslow.

Looks like we still have to wait a little more to witness Jen’s serious relationship and her oh-so-happening marital life.