Vanna White has been married once in her life. Presently, she is in a relationship with John Donaldson. Mother of two adult children and thrice engaged, Vanna admits to finding happiness eventually with her ideal man, John Donaldson.  

Vanna White lost her fiance John Gibson in a plane crash

Vanna White started facing tragedy at just 2 when her father Miguel Angel abandoned the family and she was brought up by her mother Joan Marie Rosich and stepfather Hebert Stackley White Jr. 

Vanna White with her fiance John Gibson back in 1980. John died in a plane crash in 1986

Vanna grew up happily with mom and stepfather in South Carolina and aspired to become a TV personality. White was still in her early career when ovarian cancer took her mother away. At her early 20’s she had to endure a blow in her personal life. But she overcame the grief and concentrated on her career.

It was the same time when Vanna started dating John Gibson, an actor and dancer, with whom she eventually got engaged. Vanna was just starting to see the hope for the future with John but fate had something else written for the couple. In 1986, John Gibson was killed in a tragic airplane crash. Death of fiance completely shattered her but she managed to move on.

Vanna White has two kids with ex-husband George Santo Pietro

Following a heartache of her fiance’s death, Vanna married restaurateur George Santo Pietro in 1990. She became pregnant with her first child in September 1992. “Vanna is Pregnant” was one of the answers in an episode which was the official announcement in the media. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage soon afterward.

Vanna White's kids Niko and Gigi bake cakes for her on the mother's day

Later, she gave birth to a son Nicholas in 1994 and daughter Giovanna in 1997. Though their relationship went well for years, years of commitment couldn’t be life long as she called it off with her husband with an official divorce in 2002. Her son, currently 19-years-old claims to being in a serious gay relationship with Hare Krishna monk named Jaycee Akinsanya from Liberia. 

For the next four years after the divorce, Vanna remained single before announcing her engagement with businessman Michael Kaye. The two were engaged in 2004 and remained together for a couple of years before finally parting their ways in 2006.

Contractor John Donaldson is Vanna White’s new boyfriend

Chains of tragedies and heartaches that ranges from losing a fiance in a plane crash to divorce and a broken engagement hit Vanna White very hard. However, she has tried to find happiness in her life, strongly handling the heartbreaking situations.

The mom of two kids is no more single. In an interview with  Closer Weekly, she said, “Today I am happy just the way things are.” Respecting her ability to overcome even the darkest hurdles in her life, an insider said, “Vanna is a fighter and she’s emotionally stronger than she might appear to the public.”

Vanna White with her boyfriend John Donaldson at 13th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in 2014 in Los Angeles

In 2012, while she was in a better place with an ability to cope with any worse conditions and her children were closer to adulthood, her friends introduced her to a construction development company owner, John Donaldson. Shortly afterward, the duo started dating.

“He is kind, understanding and lets me be me,” says Vanna about her new beau. Reports have it that Vanna was expecting a wedding proposal from Donaldson in 2015. Despite being together for nearly a half decade, they don’t seem to have plans of settling down anytime soon.

Vanna remains busy almost all the time in her profession. But, while not being with her kids and boyfriend or at the job, she spends her spare time being involved in crochet and knitting. She has her own line of yarn.