Updated: 05/22/2018 04:52 PM | First Published: 02/27/2018 10:04 AM

Everything about Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz and Car '57 Chevy

Jeff Lutz is sitting in front of his new car, 57 Chevy.


Jeff Lutz is a street racer and a custom car builder best known for his appearance on Street Outlaws.

Unlike other guys of 405, Jeff was introduced to cars a little later in his life. 

He became hooked after he drove a Camaro, which his brother, a former Marine bought after the Gulf War. 

His first car was a ‘74 Nova hatchback bought by his father, but unfortunately, he never got to drive the car.

He was pulled over for driving without a license when he was a teenager. 

Even though he was introduced to racing later, his son, Jeffrey Lutz Jr., gets to enjoy every moment of racing with him. 

Jr., who is in his mid-twenties has already stepped in his father’s footsteps.

Jeff and his partner Scott Murray, race regularly at the Drag Week competition each year. 

Before he got into racing professionally, he worked as a construction worker

Apart from drag racing and appearing in ‘Street Outlaws,’ he builds custom hot rods and runs a company, Jeff Race Cars

He aimed to make a crack at “The List,” but he had to step down after all Pro Mods cars were banned from the show since season 9.

He is back with his new 3500hp muscle, The 57 Chevy which has twin 98mm precision turbos and 540 cubic inch motor.