Richard Benjamin Harrison aka The Old Man has been under constant scrutiny of fans, but he has stayed out of media.

Fans are frantically searching where he is now and how he is doing.

His death hoax started surfacing after a Facebook page called RIP ‘Old Man’ Harrison was created on 26 June 2016.

Despite the Facebook page’s repeated assertion that The Old Man passed away, he is still alive and well.

The hoax was believable enough amidst of his absence from Pawn Stars and fans even prayed for the peaceful rest of his soul.

But neither History Channel nor his family members chose to address the nasty allegations.

Later it was revealed that The Old Man suffered a stroke in 2016.

It has been reported that he is not doing so well and has lost significant amount of weight.

In the wake of various health issues, his retirement was announced in an episode of the show on July 31, 2017.

However, fans still consider him as one of the loved cast and wish to see him again on the show.

Before opening the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop with his son, Rick Harrison, he served the US Navy for 20 years.

Throughout the years, as a co-owner of the pawn shop and reality star, he has amassed a net worth of $8 million.