Cited as a s** symbol during her time, Jayne left no stone unturned in impressing viewers with her attractive body frame that she used to carry perfectly in itty-bitty outfits. Not to be missed, many got to take a glance of her curves when the glamor model posed n*** for Playboy magazine in 1955. She also had topless and n*** scenes in 1963 film Promises! Promises! becoming the first mainstream actress from America to have done that in a Hollywood film.

Hard to believe! Jayne’s large breasts that needed 36D sized  bra were all natural. Maybe, credits go to her healthy lifestyle that probably included regular workouts and balanced eating habits. 

Anyone may think that how can one get such larger breasts, slim waist, and amazing hips. As her extremely large breasts were considered to be controversial, there were many questions raised. Many doubted that Jayne went through plastic surgery to enhance the size of her breasts but the doubts were never clarified.

However, during those time plastic surgery wasn’t much in trend and, thus, many also believe that Jayne might have obtained it naturally. 
Jayne Mansfield, graced the glamor world until she lost her life to serious road accident just at the age of 34. Her ideal body measurements balanced by her height and weight are still memorized as an example of  a perfect hourglass shape.