Floyd Mayweather has put his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson on blast a couple of times. After their highly publicized relationship ended, he exposed details on her plastic surgery and abortion. Jackson later sued Mayweather for defamation.

Floyd Mayweather says ex-girlfriend had an abortion

Mayweather took shots at Jackson on Instagram a few times by posting old photos of hers and calling her a gold digger. But he took it way too far when he posted the picture of abortion paperwork on his Facebook page.

The professional boxer had some words for his ex-fiancée as his caption was,”The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got an abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.” Ouch! that must have hurt.

Shantel Jackson looking hot in her orange attire, a pinch of credit to be given to her plastic surgeries.

Known for their several breakups and then patch-ups, Shantel eventually walked out of the relationship in 2012 and moved to Los Angeles. But that November, she found out that she was pregnant with his child and notified Floyd about the pregnancy. He insisted her to move with him in Las Vegas but she refused.

Floyd was sent to prison in 2012 for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend named Josie Harris. However, he was released after two days. And Shantel has also spoken about the verbal and physical abuse from Floyd.

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Shantel Jackson sued Floyd Mayweather

Shantel Jackson, sues her ex-fiance Floyd Mayweather for his threats.

Shantel sued Floyd for humiliating her on social sites. The offense in the lawsuit included shaming her by sharing the pictures of a sonogram stating she had terminated their child and threatening to post private photos of her.

In September of 2014, she sued Floyd, claiming that he has attacked her on multiple occasions and he had also threatened her to shoot with a gun.   

This troubled relationship started back in 2006 after Shantel met Floyd when she was working as a hostess in Atlanta, Georgia. In September 2010, they started dating each other and soon afterward, Shantel moved in with Floyd in his Las Vegas house.

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