Jaymee Sire, the eminent anchor of SporsCenter is not married to anyone yet. But few sources revealed that this exquisite beauty of journalism field is dating photo editor of ESPN named Phil Dauria. However, it is still not confirmed if this bachelorette will make Dauria her husband.

Jaymee Sire’s love story with Phil Dauria and marriage rumor with President of Tristar Productions, Jeff Rosenberg

She is one of the renowned a sports anchors of late American journalism world. Being a celebrity media personality, all people will definitely have some interest in her life either it is about her personal or professional life.

Many of her fans are eager to know about her current relationship status. But disregarding her fans interest, she has just remained silent.

It is revealed that she is dating photo editor of ESPN named Phil Dauria. Phil who works for the same network as Jaymee was lately seen in a photograph with her niece. The picture that was posted on Jaymee’s Instagram account created a huge sensation among her followers.

With speculation was surrounding all around the media about her evolving love relation with Phil, there also came another speculation that she has tied the knot with the President of Tristar Productions, Jeff Rosenberg. However, the news of Jaymee getting hitched to Jeff has not confirmed yet.

Jaymee Sire turned into a noticeable figure from ESPN’s SportsCenter

Renowned sports anchor, Jaymee Sire became famous because of her work association with ESPN. Her initial work experience as an anchor came for ESPN news show Highlight Express. However, she turned into a noticeable figure by getting started to work for the show called SportsCenter.

The famous sports anchor of Sportscenter, Jaymee is focused on her career but she does not miss the fun times. Let’s check out this video.

Jaymee Sire is presently in the spotlight of media news because of her fans curious to know about her present relationship status. There is coming a lot of rumors that she is dating photo editor of ESPN, Phil Dauria. Somehow, the rumors seem to have some fact in it as she has posted several pictures with her rumored boyfriend Phil.

Recently, she posted a photo on Instagram where she was seen referring her alleged boyfriend Dauria as BIL which implies ‘Baby In Love’. The post is strongly referring them as a couple though no official announcement has been made yet.

Let’s check out one of the lovely pictures of Jaymee Sire and Phil Dauria.

What up, 2014

A photo posted by Phil Dauria (@phildauria) on

Even after so much of allegations from various sources, neither Jaymee nor Phil has given their time to explain things to the media. With this, some fans have given a new dimension on the couple’s attachment saying that they might just be friends, closed ones and that the media might have created a different story as a love affair.

As for now, whether the two are in a relationship, or not, ESPN anchor Jaymee Sire is still a bachelorette. Unmarried to anyone in the past, it is still not clear if Phil Dauria is the one meant to be Jaymee Sire’s husband.