Updated: 01/18/2018 03:06 PM | First Published: 01/16/2018 01:04 PM

What is American Chopper's Jason Pohl up to Now?


Jason Pohl is well-recognized as a senior designer and machinist at Orange County Choppers, the subject of American TV series, American Chopper.

Pohl was born on July 1, 1981, in Mendota, Illinois, USA.

Growing up, he planned to join the U.S. Marine Corps after completing high school.

His decision changed after getting the August Holland Scholarship.

Afterwards, he attended the Illinois Institute of Art and achieved Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. 

He began his career as a video games animator at Incredible Technologies, where he worked on a digital prototype licensed by OCC.

He was responsible for the modeling & designing of all choppers featured in the game.

After he completed his project, OCC founder, Paul Teutul Sr. was so impressed by him and 

approached him to join OCC.

Pohl joined Orange County Choppers as a senior designer in 2004 and has been serving the position ever since.

When people ask, what does he do for a living, he says, “Well, I draw pictures of motorcycles, and then I color them in. So, in a way, I get paid for color.”

Jokes are apart! Actually, Pohl’s job is much more elaborate that involves research, development, conceptual sketching, 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering of the design ideas.

He and Paul Sr. have a parts line. In an interview in Feb. 2017, he revealed about their plan to do bolt-on Harley Davidson parts that anyone can buy.

As a bike designer, machinist, drawer, painter and TV star, he has amassed a net worth of around $500,000.

Apart from being an esteemed bike designer, Pohl is also a proud husband and father. 

He has been married to Krystle Goodman since 2010, and they have two sons, Maxton (born 2014) and Kipton (born 2016).

He often posts photos of his family and works on Instagram.